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Wood and Life: 3 FREE contests with amazing awards!

  • January 3, 2018
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Trees have been linked to people from time unknown. We depend on forests not only for shelter and clean air, but also for food and fresh water and nowadays – for recreation and stress relief. See how you can benefit from the wood even more by taking part in these contests, hosted by VOUBS and organized by the International Wood Culture Society.

The contests have started on 5th of December and you can send your photographs till 20th of February. What you need to know is that:

1. The entrance is FREE;

2. Grand prize is $2500 – you have to participate and win in all three categories;

3. Every category has a first prize of $1800;

4. The winning photographer and their runner-ups will participate in the exhibition on 2018 World Wood Day Event;

5. 30 honorable mentions will win cash prize of $300;

6. All you have to do is search for the wood in your daily lives, take a photo, and send it to the contest’s page.

People category

From the dawn of the civilization people has been using wood. Wood surrounds us in our everyday life or creates a living for the people who work with it. Get inspired by some of the photographs already sent to us.

“From Sea to Land” shows as fishermen carrying a fishing boat from sea to land after catching fishes.


“Little Dutch farmer boy” wearing dirty wooden shoes, also called clogs. The photo has taken during the annual Op de Kloeten Festival in the Drenth province of the Netherlands.


“Carving in Bali” – it takes hours and hours of carving to make this stunning piece of traditional art.

Heritage category

Wood is one of the main media which carries traditions and collective achievements throughout the centuries. We’ve picked up some of the most representative photographs to show you examples of this.

“Cosmic wood” – Saint Marry Pelagonitisa is a famous Macedonian icon on wood from 15th century.


“Wooden temple” depicts the artistic front entrance of the wooden temple near Manali.


“Sophora japonica in Vrana” is a giant Japanese sophora tree in the park of the Royal Palace Vrana, built by the Bulgarian kings, of plants, collected from all over the world.

Environment category

Wood has been a safe harbor for artists and nature lovers, for wisdom-seekers and people tired from the wild chase of happiness in the big city. This category gives you endless opportunities to express your creativity and visions.

“Lost in a Magic” was taken in Yedigoller Province in Turkey in autumn and presents the vibrant, surreal forest colours.


“Fog” is a black-and-white photo of a mysterious forest in the Khanchanjunga National Park area.


‘Surrender to nature” taken in spring brings hopes and optimism that the green treasure of forests will be preserved for the generations to come.

This is just a small part of the photographs that we have received so far but there is still a lot of time until the deadline. Sent us your artistic shots related to wood and win the amazing cash awards and recognition. Enter categories here: People, Heritage, Environment

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