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Top 10 Photos November 2017

  • January 11, 2018
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November contest had brought us a little surprise – as you will see we have two 7th places out of 217 participants. The competition was very strong, and we hope that this will continue to be so in the next 10 contests during 2018. Here we give you the top 10 photos. Don’t miss the opportunity to win WINGS by entering some of the next monthly FREE contests!

1. First place and 75 WINGS wins Autumn in Dam “40 Springs” by Kostadinka Yordanova from Bulgaria. The picturesque landscape around the dam, situated in the Rodopi Mountain, was even more impressive, coloured by the autumn.


2. Second place and 45 WINGS goes to Ognian Nikolov and his Sky Kingdom. His shot seems to be drawn out of a fairytale, but in fact represent a very real place. The building of Patriarchy peaks through the fog on top of the Tsarevez hill and on the background you can see the highest peak in the Balkan Mountain – Botev.

3. Third place and 40 WINGS goes to Partha Chakraborty from India. His shot Please save me (The last call) depicts an unfortunate frog in the moment it is eaten by a hungry snake. The photo was taken with Canon 60 D with only 55250 lens.

4. Fourth place and 35 WINGS wins Strength by Chinmoy Biswas. He managed to capture the moment when two tree ants trie to capture and carry a grasshopper on a branch.


5. Fifth place and 30 WINGS wins Bridge at night by Bojan Jeremic from Serbia. His night scene of beautiful, lighten bridge at Sava River and old boat was taken in capital city of Serbia, Belgrade.


6. Sixth place and 25 WINGS goes to The story of the Foggy Morning by Andrey Krovlin from Russia. Fog and light creates an amazing effect of mystery in this panorama, made of nine vertical shots.


7. First Seventh place and 20 WINGS goes to Morning Rise on Rakaposhi by Muzamil Toori from Pakistan. A girl enjoying the morning rise on Rakaposhi peak has been photographed at View Point from Eagle Nest Hunza. How vibrant are colours and clear the air!

8. The second Seventh place and 20 WINGS goes to After the Storm by Darren Thomson from Australia. After a thunderstorm rolled across to Botany Bay in Sydney, Australia this sunset painted the world with fairy bright yellow-orange. Image was taken from near Captain Cook's Landing Place at Kurnell.


9. Ninth place and 10 WINGS wins Breath of autumn by Aleksey Krilov from Russia. The simplicity of composition was complemented by the warm colours and shadowy effect to convey the idea that nothing is forever and warmth will replace the cold sooner or later.


10. Tenth place and 5 WINGS goes to Male Peacock shows its charm by Samira Dusheva from Bulgaria. Unusually coloured male peacock courts the female with his incredible look.



This is just the top 10 photos, but they are many more interesting and beautiful images you’ve sent us for the November edition. Don’t forget to look through all of them here – like and leave comments to show your appreciation of your fellow photographers work.

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rasmika chopra  

You have raised a surely stunning centers, Chennai Escort feel a responsibility of appreciation for the post.

Reply  •  June 28, 2022 09:51:07 AM UTC
Vasko Vasilev  


Reply  •  January 11, 2018 01:08:01 PM UTC
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