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Top 10 Photos December 2017

  • February 7, 2018
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Woah, guys! It is just another month that has passed by us. But you know we haven’t just let it slip through us, right? No! We have prepared the best shots of the last month of 2017 – all filled with good vibes, winter spirit and probably even some melancholia feelings, typical for this time of the year, but only to prepare you for your next 2018 goals! Maybe even to inspire you to participate in our monthly TOP 10!

Top 10 Photos for December, 2017 was a contest, in which 115 entries went for the gold, competing for the total awards of 300 WINGS, but only ten people were amongst the chosen for the fame this time. Let’s begin with them.


Our tenth place in this contest went to Natalija Dimitrova with her photo of the beautiful connection between Bulgaria and Turkey – the out of this world Istanbul, represented with a sea view and two cups of tea. Natalija won 5 WINGS for her photo.


One step ahead and the difference in the emotions, view and feelings, left in us by the staggering nature, is immediately noticed. This is thanks to Fernando Lachica, a freelancer writer, blogger and marketer, and we would say obviously and a photographer, from Bacoor City, Philippines. He took a photo of a mango plantation from a distance and a specific angle. Take a look yourself.


Quickly getting onboard of our airplane, headed to the west of the Philippines and here we are in the soil lands of India, where Chinmoy Biswas captured part of the daily life of the workers in the brick fields, who are carrying soil in carts, in a village in West Bengal.


Seventh place went to Kostadin Yordanov with the prize of 20 WINGS for his photo of Southern Bulgaria. 2017 was a tough year for the ski sport fans in this country, because of the unusual warm weather, during this time of the season. This man, however, managed to capture a fresh snow over the grounds of Velingrad.


The Bulgarian photographer Ognyan Nikolov named his photo, taken the sixth place, “Veliko Tarnovo during twilight”. He used Nikon D3200 with Tamron 17-50/2.8 Lens to take hold of this magnificent view of Bulgaria’s old capital city in the evening before January 1st, 2018. The breathtaking view is from a local place, called “Garga Bair”.


Have you heard of the Rhodopes? A mountain range in Southeastern Europe with winding roads, amazing forest and significant hydropower resources. This is where the hiking and skiing never ends. Plamen Petkov took a photo of this winter wonderland, near the Shiroka Polyana reservoir lake.


Number 4 is a vision of an abstract photographer with futuristic thoughts. He says: “We have united and have opposed two fantastically beautiful places, two lives. On the one hand the lake Baikal - an embodiment of crystal purity and freshness, with another - the inspiring fear and Yellowstone fascinating by a set of colourful forms a super-volcano divided among themselves by dark waters of the ocean.” Congratulations on the 4th place and the 35 WINGS award!

Are you ready for the top three rated views for December 2017?

Here we go…


Shweta Umasankar from Romania and his “Sunset In City” won the 40 WINGS prize and the fame of 3rd place. Just looking at this image brings us to a philosophical mind state. What a contrast between life and death with the tree without leafs and the bright sky in the distance. Or could it be more of a hope? Like the author said, the sun sets only to rise again, so the tree could be observing the sunset only to regain hope, that it will be once again filled with leafs. We will leave that to your decision.


Have you heard about the amazing nights in Russia? But what about the mornings? Did it ever come to you what they might be like?
Andrey Krovlin from Slavyanka, Russia made sure that you won’t be left not knowing about them with his winter morning shot in Russia, on the coast of the Sea of Japan, during a quiet and frosty weather with a Panorama shot of nine vertical photos.
We should be thanking him and for that he receives 45 WINGS!


The place you’ve been all waiting for to see.

The one and only December 2017 photo.

The highest rated media that got the gold and 75 WINGS in their wallet.

The one that will show you exactly how Austria welcomes their Christmas.

Introducing “Merry Christmas!” by 2 young photographers from Austria, using the name AK Photography, and their little fellow, of course.

Congratulations on the gold!

If you want to inspire yourself with more December photos, visit the page of the contest: TOP 10 Photos December 2017.

4 comments from 4 voubsters
Naresh Kumar  

Great!!! My hearty congratulations to all the above winners!!

Reply  •  February 8, 2018 01:36:16 PM UTC
Gordana Nikolovska-Dimeska  

Exellent photos !

Reply  •  February 7, 2018 07:21:22 PM UTC
Narcis Mursa  

Great !

Reply  •  February 7, 2018 06:20:37 PM UTC
Itso Tepavicharov  

Страхотни кадри!

Reply  •  February 7, 2018 01:49:32 PM UTC
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