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6 Tips on Colours That Will Turn Your Next Art Project into a Chef D’oeuvre

  • March 29, 2018
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Coming up with fresh ideas for each and every contest available here might occasionally turn out to be a daunting task to do. With the constantly expanding collection of competitions on our website, it becomes an even more arduous task to think of another art (or even not so artsy) concept for a project.

We’ve decided it is time to give you a helping hand. VOUBS sets on a mission to turn your inspiration back on or enhance any, already existing. Count from 1 to none and…

Learn About Sassy Color Projects and Delightful Colorations You Can Use

I know, I know. You are way too familiar with the NFL theorem by Wolpert and Macready…

If any sceptical questions are starting to arise here, quickly put them aside, because we perceive you as our most valuable asset, which should explain why playing Jason and the Argonauts here is as important to us, as it might be to you. We want you to turn all your future projects into the finest masterpieces you are willing them to be, allowing you to convert your skills into a river of cash flow through prizes.

You may rest calmly because this quest won't require any bloody massacres, virgin sacrifices or deals with the devil to complete (and we know that at least one of these three things is really hard to accomplish nowadays). Of course, if you happen to believe that your beloved wife is Virgin Mary we can return to one of the three god-praising methods. Back to reality now, if you can acquiesce the fact that this child of yours won't be getting any gospel with his name on it, then you can get all from the catchy headline with just a few more minutes, spent in reading further below.

Which Colors Came with the March Equinox and the Spring Season?

It was only 4 days after the day and night (almost) came to an equality, when VOUBS reaped the results from a “research” entirely related to colours was completed. We are talking about an event, accessible to more than 110,000 people, users of our community, in which 24 professionals from Europe, Asia and Australia shared their own vision about the colors of today's world and an expert team of 3 authorities assessed, evaluated and discussed all entries to come up with the ultimate standpoint to what the best multicolor representation from this organized contest is.

The conclusion is absolute and unambiguous. It contains 9 main colours in solo or combinations that grasped the attention of the jury team. Shall we?  

Blue: Dark Blue, Air Superiority Blue, Celestial Blue

You find that colours in the sky, in the ocean, in the eyes of that cute little miss you dreamt of last night or even in the eyes of nearly all newborns. As the boys from Eiffel 65 sang in the early 1999 “And everything is blue…

See, blue might be floating around in various shades, but it is never getting old. It’s been a hit ever since Levi Strauss decided to take on the world with the first pair of denim jeans and continues doing so even today. Apparently, Max Soloviev and Felix Stein are well familiar with the trends, because their concept for a woman in a blue paint from her head to her toes is the most satisfying photo, that grabbed the top-rated prize.

Could we say that Felix, the make-up artist, is either really into this colour or he is just a huge fan of the Avatars? He decided to garnish that delicate blue face with a fine line of a fuchsia colouration, which is also a colour that deserves attention, but we'll talk about it in a few lines. Spend your time now observing the image.

RGBY: The Holy Four of Colors

While betting on colours too eccentric might be a knife with two blades, playing it secure most often prevents the risks of failure. Standard Red, Green, Blue and Yellow are the main colours that lay the foundations for merely every other perception of the possible colourations.

We’ve already talked about the 3rd one, but it is worth mentioning again because it can not only serve as a dominant base but also be part of a very creative colour scene. Fun and engaging look isn't necessarily hard to get. It could be as simple as using something basic with a little imagination. Similar to what Dimitar Lazarov has done showing us how a colour-roulette game looks in vivo.

Only in case you’re marvelling, the total number of these vibrantly coloured houses is 24, known as the “Barry Island Beach Huts”, which you can rent for a summer holiday in Wales.

Brown and Reddish-Orange: Mix of Christmas Brown, Citrine Brown and Lighter Deep Red

It's all winter and Christmas time when we hear of brown and reddish-orange. You know, cinnamon, fire woods in the heartwarming fireplace and those crispy cookies with dark brown chocolate and orange peels that grandmothers usually bake. How can one not imagine that and had the melancholia hit him?

Brown, red and orange are not all about this, though. With a proper styling and higher sense of fashion, any man can look good in a brown pullover with some accents here and there in different colours. And this goes just as good in the early spring, as it is in the autumn. To show you exactly how good these colours can fit with a little thought invested, Ivan Kovalev made a photo of a pre-set scene where a photographer is taking a break, just resting and looking neat.

Brownish world proudly proved that deserves a place in your everyday life and in some nifty projects by occupying the 3rd place for a most preferred multicolour photo in our competition.

White: The Supreme Base

The lightest, achromatic colour that serves as a base for almost any other colouration. It's a sign of cleanliness, perfection, purity, neutrality, honesty and finds a place in all religions and all ethnicities. It's how we perceive the colour of fresh snow, milk and chalk. What would the world be if there was no white?

I guess we would lose the current knowledge of colours and probably many things would change. This, however, is rather a philosophical question, than a matter of our reason to be here. See, white gives you the light, the hope, the joy, it is used to clarify or make things less dark. Don't underestimate that colour next time when you're working on your clothes or your artsy project.

See how the presence of white in this next photo makes all the difference, creating a romantic flavour with a cosy spirit.

Thank for the inspiration and the sighs over the scene to Milan Ljubisavljevic.

50 Shades of Grey

Living lonely in oblivion, this mixture of the black and white is a colour deeply misunderstood. Either overused or underused, it seems like the hue suffers greatly from a severe abuse. It is in the last 7 years, though, that all of the shades of grey finally became to regain their fame, but not so much thanks to the colour itself, as it is to the author of provocative romance stories – E.L. James. Nevertheless, there is still hope and while one exists, we are not going to give up on the colour. We truly believe that the grey can immeasurably change the impression that a visual object leaves with us. Note this with Nikolay Nikolov’s photography of a bee-eater, whose green belly clearly stands out opposed to the grey saturation of the feathers and other parts of the body.

Use it wisely to create a contrast or illusion and you will sense the true power of the grey.

Pink and Purple: Coming from the Reds

Earlier we've mentioned about the fuchsia, which is from the family of the pink colours. Those two general groups, though, are all related to the red. And while pink is just a pale version of the red, the purple is an intermediate between blue and red.

If nature has taught us something, it is that these two colours can be and are magnificent and eye-catching. Every year, when the spring hits the earth, flowers begin to bloom, discovering a view that makes the perfect ground for a walk with your lover, for a photography, for the flights of the bumblebees and on, and on, and on…

It's a fact, pink and purple are the entertaining colours and nowadays they are not only limited to the gentle half of the world's population, but to anyone. You can follow the example of Alecia Beth Moore, who not only dyes her hair in a rosy shade but also uses the colour for a stage name.

Get creative or simply enjoy the nature, like Ivelina Ivanova did.

What’s the Conclusion After All?

All these colours are simply a representative sample of the colours in the top-rated multicolour photos from our latest full of life and intensely hued competition. They definitely show what colours are capable of achieving and how you can employ them to make your work or yourself better in any way.

At the end of the day, it's just colouring and you can choose whatever works best for you. Inspire yourself with interesting visions and start building your own brand or style. To get additional creative ideas, don’t hesitate to visit the full list of colourful entries within this so-called "research", that gave away 200 EUR for the most talented contestants to share!

Also, remember that whenever you feel you are ready for action, you can be the one to win a share of 200 EUR or more! Oh, and it is a wonderful time to do it now, because most of our competitions that give away such prizes require only 3 WINGS for an entry fee, instead of the regular 10! Take these two, for example, Best Patriotic Photo 2018 and Best Pet Photo 2018.

Take your best opportunity to win a cash prize now!

Good luck!


Much love,


L. from Voubs


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