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Top 10 Photos March 2018

  • April 17, 2018
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“Hol-la, people!”

Tell me isn’t that one hell of an expression to use as a greeting?!

love it. It gives me that extra cool, super nice, irresistibly awesome gangster feeling, plus granting an invisible bondage between me and the one, whom I greet. Especially by breaking it into syllables to stress on each. I kind of understand why Marcellus used it to refer to Bernardo in Act 1, Scene 1 of Hamlet.

But! Let’s talk business. Pardon my French and the informal opening. I shall correct my mistake with a term that my Japanese oversea friends use - 久しぶりだね.

Stay on Track, Keep Reading and

·        Learn about the 10 most talented photographers who robbed the prize pool in the latest monthly photo competition (figuratively);

·        Receive a personal invitation;

·        Discover thoughts and insights for the leading entries;

·        Share the experience, catch on interesting facts and with puns most intended.

In case you’re not happy with the latter, you shall have what is stated below! 


And since $0 given means $0 back, have it even twice that number! Generosity by all means.

On the marks!

Take All of the Good Stuff

Starting from back to forth, throw them artists like a good pogo, only unidirectional.

Waiting for the Sun…

Once under a British rule, Rajasthan is nowadays the largest habituated area defined as a unit in India. Inhospitable and very dry, in that area is also comprised the Thar Desert that DrRajesh Kotecha refers to as the Rajasthan Desert. On the prevailing sand surface, he took a photo of two dromedary camels and their riders, but not on the storm. Instead, they were waiting for the sun to...



Leaving the 10th place to rest, we transfer from the Fields of Gold and the dreams of a Desert Rose non-existent (well, Sting followers, at least one of these two you can find here) to a…

Winter Night in Plovdiv

Kostadinka Yordanova is telling us a story about an ancient town that survived an earthquake, played a significant role in the historical events on the Balkans, but also represents a place where sights of the Roman, Ottoman and Bulgarian Empires could still be observed in present days.

The author of the photography at 9th place gives us that piece of the story that only goes to the Roman empire and their ancient cultural habits, but whenever you have the chance learn more about the city. It’s no accident it was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture of 2019.



Leaping with one giant step towards the Kerkini lake in Greece and here we stand at one of the 4 most convenient locations in Europe for observation of different flying representatives of the Kingdom Animalia. Evgeni Gavazov took his time to make the best shot. In return, deservedly the photo won the 8th place and gathered nearly 75 out of all 80 possible percent of jury’s votes.

Take a good look below now and try to guess the species.

The Fiery Cave

“In the beginning Nikolay Nikolov entered a forbidden cave with mud. 
And the cave was difficult to access, and void; and darkness was upon the walls of that place.
Nikolay Nikolov said, Let there be light: and there was light.
And he saw the light, that it was good: and he decided to capture it and show it to you.”

Enchantingly entitled, this photographed closed space looks like it bears a sparkling atmosphere all set to go ka-boom and turn the place into a proper ground for the next episode of Once Upon a Time.


Into the Throat

The sixth position is a dedication to the professional photography. If you ever happen to be in need of an inspiration or a motivational speech for a perseverance paid off, you need to talk with Shamsudheen Puthanpura Moideen. He is a UAE resident, who spent one Friday afternoon in the stalking of a heron who was looking for a prey. Shamsudheen was progressively getting close to his “victim”, he was hoping for a special shot.

Eventually, he made it with a handheld Nikon D7000 with Sigma 150-500mm lens, producing work not edited in any way.



Have you ever wondered why most ships and hurricanes are named after females?

I did. Apparently, there is an old belief that if you purposely name your boat with a female name, it must be of a special woman, who will act as a mother of the vessel and protect it from the raging storms of the sea and the rough weather offshore.

With no one to protect anymore, this one will only have to take care of herself. It could also serve as a photographic destination for people like Malcolm Hough.


 A contemporary explanation of the female names goes a further mile and says that they are carefully chosen because a great deal of bustle and a gang of men are always around her. I can’t disagree on that!

The Waterfall

The title speaks it all. Three more things you need to know: Stilian PenevBulgaria, 4th place


Fan-Throated Lizard

Lizards, in general, are extraordinary, fascinating and mystical creatures. Because of their diversion in numerous species, the bright colouration of their bodies, their ability to sacrifice and regrow their tails, plus camouflage and reflex bleeding it is no wonder they ended up being part of a lot of myths and cults, peculiarly by the Maori people.

Possessing different skills doesn’t make them bad though. They could be charming and calm, like this boasting male from the Sitana genus.


That great photo brought 3rd place and 40 WINGS prize to Pratik Humnabadkar from Pune, India.


I promised you fun, didn’t I? The masterpiece at the silver place is what the absolute satisfaction and joy look like. Chee Keong Lim nailed it.

No joke or pun used could ever surpass or substitute the true happiness, leaking through his photo.

These Malaysian kids remind us that pleasure comes from the inside, not the outside. Take what you can from the children, because following is something contrary. Something peaceful. Something like…

Winter Teteven

Coming from the inside is also peace. But what’s different with it is that the outer world may disturb it. At such times, a place like a high mountain or a high hill to be with your thoughts might be what you need.

Itso Tepavicharov has taken a B&W photo of his hometown, setting the mood for some lonely calmness. A calmness that usually comes in companion of the rhetoric or the philosophy, but in this case, it came with the 1st place.



And that, my dear friend, were only 5% of the total entries in the top photo contest of March 2018. Catch on to the other 95% remaining and after, make sure to enter in the April's competition to grant yourself a decent 75 WINGS prize!

P.S. A big SHOUT OUT to Mak Azad, who pretty consciously contributes to our community and made the closest possible guess for the number of entries in this month’s edition as per the February’s game!

 Plenty enough for today. See you soon!



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