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From Cradle to Grave: Journey Through Life for 8 Minutes

  • April 21, 2018
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What is life?

I mean, it’s that philosophical question not about the definitive description, but the true conception. Think about it. How do you truly imagine life? Is there something you should or you shouldn’t do?

Imagine you could pick a random man or woman now and live their life. What would it be like?

Actually, do it now.

View Life Moments in Images

Life is an adventure. It would be great if you had enough time to develop a story out of the upper questions. It is never too late if you didn’t. Either way, there is also another version of the “life” story. Our imaginary life script.

We have picked 15 photographies from five of the latest photo contests on VOUBS. Each contest is connected to our story only to build a journey through life where you could find 3 different timelines for each notable moment you will see in the next lines. Take advantage of your second chance to use your imagination.  

Born to Be Wild

At first, it was the creation of life.

A captivating moment, the birth of a child marks the start of something new, plus the promise of better days. The beginning of our story is with the top 3 babies from the all 23 contestants in the Best Baby Photo 2017 competition.

Baby Monny

This photo took 1st place and won 214 EUR cash prize.


Crystal clear eyes. A princess at birth. She proves the world is not a men’s.

Beautiful and cute, she won the 2nd place through the profile of Natasha Kuzina.

High Calling

3rd place and 10 WINGS prize for Ivan Kovalev.

Adolescence and Looks

Seconds later and it turns out it’s been 16 years past that baby time. Boys are now future men and girls – future women. They have a lot more ways to go before developing, but teenage years are knocking on their doors now. The world of fashion, looks and visual recognition becomes important and girls crave to look like models, while boys crave… to hook up with models.

Hot outlooks are all that matters and we have some at the Top 10 Models of the month March 2018 contest. One way or another, these could interact with our characters.


1st place and 75 WINGS prize to Ivan Kovalev.

Veneta Shkodrova

2nd place, 45 WINGS, Kostadinka Yordanova.

Kim Hong

The girl that wants to be a model. Symbol of pure innocence and charm.

William Pollock from Cambodia earns the 3rd place.

Social Recognition

10 more years and the person from our story is now past the 25 years. School is gone, the university is gone, “wild” is a less and less used word. Friends, on the other hand, remain and increase, along with other social connections, which become increasingly important. The “kid” is now taking its’ life in hands and feeling proud of it, feeling proud of its’ parents, feeling proud of its’ nationality. Thinking switches from internal to local and our characters become patriotic about their roots.

Best Patriotic Photo 2018. A contest of pride, national symbols and endemic beauties.

Patriotic Reflection

1st place image, according to all votes, that receives 205 EUR cash prize.

Author: Itso Tepavicharov

Happy Gathering

Chee Keong Lim, 2nd place

Bulgarian Girl

Plamen Petkov, Bulgaria, 3rd place.

Take on the World

After every bit of the world around is explored, it comes a time when “only one world isn’t enough” and a man wants to seek more. It could be more happiness, more opportunities, more love… Whatever the reason though, there is no greater teacher in the course of living than the 1 on 1 experience from the clash with different cultures and foreign people.

These next photos from the Best Travel Photo 2017 contest could help you build a more detailed story, but you can use them for your own travel ideas as well.

A Journey to Remember

Azim Khan Ronnie originally named this photo “Journey on Train” and shared that he was able to capture the photoshoot at Tongi, where around 10,000 people were trying to board.

He won 1st place and 214 EUR cash prize.


2nd place and 10 WINGS prize for this image of Vedran Vidak.


3rd place for Natalia Bougadellis with a photo from her trip.

All Things Come to an End

From what we know, there is an end to everything and nothing is everlasting. Neither is life or our story. We like the idea for a light in the tunnel because it’s somehow easier to accept it and it’s optimistic.

Thus, you can understand why we’ve chosen a contest entitled “Lights” to close the tale within a frame.


 This could be the aura of a soul leaving the body. Or it could be a new lighting technique of a Russian author.

1st place, 50 WINGS prize and maximum jury votes gathered.

Praying 1859

Religion is an option to rely on.

Chee Keong Lim, 2nd place, 30 WINGS.


In the end, it is the peace that is most important. 

Malcolm Hough, 3rd place, 20 WINGS.

What was life?

Did you manage to create a full life story through the images?

I am curious, but I have also a statement to make. Whatever you do, make sure you do it the best way possible and it makes you feel like you’re in your best days because if this story has a retrospection, in our lives there won’t be no “What was life?” question.

Begin working on your best days now by checking all of our currently active competitions on VOUBS and joining in any or all of them!

Much love,

L. from Voubs

1 comment from 1 voubster

A lot of people would call this depressing, but I think it's really interesting. I really enjoyed reading about the different stages of life. It was also really interesting to read about how our culture's view of life changes https://youressayhelper.com/samples/essay-on-life.html as we get older. It's also kind of weird that people refer to certain stages in life as "cradle," "crisis," and "grave." We're all going to die, but I think that's a pretty bleak way to look at it.

Reply  •  August 2, 2022 12:03:23 PM UTC
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