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13 Bizarre Photography Challenges to Test Your Skills

  • May 14, 2018
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I gave up professional photography and I regret it…

Although, technically, it was the photography that gave up on me. It’s been 10 years since that time, but I still remember that summer night, when I stood in front of the mirror, holding my first camera in my hands, and asked myself one of the most important questions, bothering me at that time of my life.

My Own Prehistory

It all begun 15 years ago when I made my first contact with the photography. My parents bought a new phone that had a built-in camera in it and it was off the hook for that time. Of course, you could guess that the camera had only about 0,3 megapixels, but that didn’t stop me to roam around the neighbourhood shooting people, flowers or whatever I got in sight. Some years later, I’ve had my own personal computer at home and I also got a brand new camera. Can you imagine that?!

I’ve had my own personal camera, not just a dumb mobile phone with a worthless VGA recorder. It was a Canon Digital IXUS 70 and I was in love with it. Soon after, I started exploring its’ features and new techniques and everything was awesome, the world was full of fun and excitement until I grew up to a point where I was expected to decide what I would do with my life for the rest of my time. 

The Night

I was forcing myself to be objective. Lists were made to help me take the decision whether or not should I quit with the photography and dedicate myself to something else, but it wasn’t doing me any good service and then I remember an elder friend told me “Hey, it shouldn’t be a life-long decision what you are taking here. And it’s definitely not giving up on something. You could always find a way to do things you like. Trust your instincts, follow your heart and ask yourself that question…” And then he gave me a new perspective to lean on, although I must have realized that much later in my life. So, on that night I thought about everything really carefully and tried to be as objective as possible. Waited for my parents to go to bed and stood in front of the mirror, with my camera in my hands, after I have spent hours observing the photographs I’ve made. 

I’ve looked at my reflection and asked:

Are you really that good enough with photography as you think?

I figured out that my life was great when I was taking photos of things that are valuable to myself and my beliefs, which was great for a hobby, but not nearly good enough for a professional career. Thus, I took the decision that I would do whatever I could to get better, but my life won’t depend on that skill. 

What's This Story About? 

I am telling you this story because just recently 2 top rated and highly valued contests have closed their doors and announced the winners with the top prizes of 514 euros. 

So, what’s the connection? Well, while I was looking at the top photographs for both contests, I couldn’t hide my admiration towards the authors of these images, their skills, techniques and patience. At the same time, this feeling reminded me of my childhood and that story of mine, particularly the above-mentioned question. I have figured out that there never an attempt to prove to myself if I am really that good enough indeed. Thus, I’ve decided to go with the flow and took 13 of the best images and visualized them as challenges that I would try to recreate with details as close to the originals as possible.

Are You Confident You Can Handle This?

Inspired by the Macro Photography contest and the Lifestyle Photography contest, I thought to myself that if I can do it, why shouldn’t you try it as well? Now you can understand why I am daring you to take a look at these 13 bizarre photographs and give your best to make own shots as close with your own version that could be either keeping the idea of the originals or be as close to them as you can make it!

Why don’t you show me what you’re made of and prove you can do it? 

Take your time to take these photos and when you’re ready, upload the images to your profile or anywhere online, then give me a link in the comments section! If you prove to be the best, I will do a special credit representation of your portfolio on our streams! 

The Challenge

Here you can find 13 of the most bizarre images that entered into the Macro or Lifestyle photography contests and won a prize. Read more about them, admire the work, comment with your opinions or do what you have to.

Face of Soldier Ant


“A portrait of a Malaysian Soldier Ant. 314 pictures focus stacked. Used Canon 7D Mark 2 with Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens. Used Stackshot Auto macro rail. Stacked in Zerene stacker.”

Author: Kutub Uddin

Prize: 514 EUR

Burning Eyes


“Red eye tree frog, one of the most colourful tree frogs. Here I have taken of its eyes reflecting in the water. Taken in natural light in my garden after the rain.”

Author: Kutub Uddin

Prize: 50 WINGS

Show Time


“When mantises are afraid of something they raise their arms and spread their wings. It's a normal behaviour. They defend themselves. The author took the image while he wanted to touch the mantises and they attacked him, opening their wings and started to follow him. They look like smiling dancers.”

Author: Hasan Baglar

Prize: 50 WINGS

Trapped Fly


“Close-up picture of a trapped common house fly. Gear used: Canon EOS 600D, 50mm lens with 48mm extension rings, ISO 100, exposure 2sec at f16, and a tripod.”

Author: Hathazi Levente

Prize: 50 WINGS

Jumping Spider


“The jumping spider family (Salticidae) contains over 500 described genera and over 5,000 described species, making it the largest family of spiders with about 13% of all species. Jumping spiders have some of the best vision among arthropods and use it in courtship, hunting, and navigation. Although they normally move unobtrusively and fairly slowly, most species are capable of very agile jumps, notably when hunting, but sometimes in response to sudden threats or crossing long gaps. Both their book lungs and the tracheal system are well-developed, and they use both systems (bimodal breathing). Jumping spiders are generally recognized by their eye pattern. All jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes with one pair being their particularly large anterior median eyes.”

Author: Azim Khan Ronnie

Prize: 50 WINGS

Eating and Mating


“In my Photography career, I have seen many kinds of different and shocking activities of Nature and Wildlife and macro items. This one was one of them. One fine morning when I took my 5D Mark IV for photography I saw two Rubber fly flies mating and the female one was eating a butterfly at the same time. I clicked some shots and then it flew away.”

Author: Partha Chakraborty

Prize: 50 WINGS

Make a Wish


“Just like gracious ballet dancers, the seeds of the dandelion are carried away in a magical, almost eternal dance with the wind. I’ve tried to capture the magic of this dance.”

Author: Simona Tsoneva

Prize: 50 WINGS

Red Chilies Pickers


“Countless chilli peppers surround labourers in the Bogra district in the north of Bangladesh. More than 2,000 people work in almost 100 chilli farms in Bogra in Bangladesh to supply local spice companies with chillies for use in their recipes. Chilli peppers are a major part of the Bengali cuisine popular in Bangladesh and are used as part of a combination of spices for various meat dishes, including chicken and beef.”

Author: Azim Khan Ronnie

Prize: 514 EUR

Daily Labor


“Daily labour carries sand on their overhead at Comilla, Bangladesh. Due to thousands daily labour searching works their daily income is very much low, average daily income 3 USD.”

Author: Yousuf Tushar

Prize: 50 WINGS

Praying Jummah Salah


“One of the blessings with which the Muslim nation has been endowed is the day of Jummah (Friday). People of all category gather in the mosque for praying together on holy Jummah day.”

Author: Md. Nazmul Hasan Khan

Prize: 50 WINGS



“This photograph emerges from an instant in a Lisbon tunnel. A moment to feel identified with that girl who played jazz, a moment to teleport to a picture of Hooper or a scene from a movie. There is no greater isolation than living in the middle of the big city forgotten by the crowd, suffocated by pains and frustrations to which no one pays the least attention.”

Author: Delia Marques Sanchez

Prize: 50 WINGS



“The beauty of the dancers, always fascinated, and ballet dancers more... This job I want to destroy the wall of everyday life, to bring dance to the masses...”

Author: Vadim Fedotov

Prize: 50 WINGS

The Natural Beauty of Bulgaria


“A wonderful sunny day I was on a hike in the mountains. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the beautiful Rhodope Mountain, I saw these beautiful girls in national Bulgarian costumes. I asked them for a photo and I'm happy that I took this shot.”

Author: Kostadin Yordanov

Prize: 50 WINGS

On Your Marks 

Now that the 13 challenges are revealed, it is all up to you what you will do next. You can choose to stay humble and glorify the achievements of all the winners from the extreme close-up competition or those from the contest, preaching about the way of living of people around the world. Or you can get set, get in the right position, prepare your lenses and your camera, and shoot! 

Time is going to pass either way, but wouldn’t it be better to do something with it? GO!

See you once you’re done with your challenge!

- L.


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