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Learn How to Make Your Smile More Appealing and Boost Your Mood with Best Smile Photo 2018 Contest Winners’ Photographs

  • June 20, 2018
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Did you know that babies are born with the innate habit of smiling?

In fact, they can do it ever since birth. What’s more is how appealing babies look, making it almost inevitable not to smile back. Simply think about it for a bit. Imagine a newborn that’s calmly sitting in its’ baby stroller, chewing on its’ foot and tickling its’ foot with tongue, making some chuckling noises. You look inside the buggy and witness a picture that will last forever. A cute, little, rounded face with a dimple on the left is gaily looking at you with its’ big brown eyes, revealing the lack of teeth through the most sincerely innocent smile you’ve ever seen.

So, if babies can do it, then why wouldn’t you? Tell me…

Have You Smiled Today?

12th place at Best Smile Photo 2018 (photo by Chee Keong Lim)

The current article isn’t yet another one, where you will dig into details of how “a day without laughter is a waste.” Instead, we will put your focus on other subjects:

  • How Appealing People Look When They Are Smiling?

  • What Benefits Does This Get Them?

  • How to Smile and Look Good?

Does Smiling Make You Look Attractive?

Extensive researches show that women prefer men who smile for long-term relationships over scowl men since this proves trustworthiness and signals for a good parenting potential.

With women, smiling has the same effect, although it doesn’t matter whether it comes about long-term or short-term relationships. Males often recognize women’s smile as “humor” (be it an appreciation of theirs or hers). It is also a known fact that women smile more often than men and this is found to be more attractive than makeup.

10th place at Best Smile Photo 2018 (photo by Samuel Zlatarev)

Furthermore, smiling is advised on job interviews and cold sales approaching because it makes people look friendly, thus breaks the ice. Besides that, it makes smilers more confident and willing to engage in certain activities. It’s also contagious and creates a common environment for the involved people while loosing up the shame.

6th place at Best Smile Photo 2018 (photo by Md. Nazmul Hasan Khan)

Smiling Helps You and Your Body

Everything of those above though only leads to the social benefits of smiling. Isn’t there more, however?

Yes, there is, greedy guts! Pulling the corner of your mouth upwards tends to relieve the stress by releasing endorphins and boosting your immune system. It also stimulates your good mood and is the best medicine to take and forget about the pain.



It is rest to the weary, daylight to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and Nature’s best antidote for trouble. It creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in a business, and is the countersign of friends.



What we never stopped asking ourselves is “Why are there still people who never smile?” It turned out that the answer lays buried deep down. It turned out there are people who aren’t confident of how they smile and are not satisfied by the look of them smiling, due to one reason or another. If you are one of these people or know such, keep reading to understand how you can achieve a smile as sincere and contagious as the one of this kid below!

3rd place at Best Smile Photo 2018 (photo by Pranab Basak)

How to Smile Better and Look Awesome When You Do It?

Remember how much you used to smile like a kid? It’s always easier then because you don’t pay attention to many factors and it comes out naturally. All you need is a friend to share the laugh or a little something to grab your attention.

2nd place at Best Smile Photo 2018 (photo by Azim Khan Ronnie)

But it shouldn’t be so frightful nowadays, should it? If you’re constantly worrying about how do you look when you smile, whether your teeth are looking good or not, are they white enough, or is your gum is peeking below your lip, then we have some tips and tricks that could make the activity feel more natural. Like once.

Try to Laugh on Yourself

5th place at Best Smile Photo 2018 (photo by Ferdous Shabbir)

Whenever you can, try to think of a funny situation where you alone or with friends have engaged before taking a photo. Keep reminding all the little details about that story while you’re posing or even better – ask the photographer to take photos while you’re not expecting.

Put Your Friends into Some Work

7th place at Best Smile Photo 2018 (photo by Pranab Basak)

Ask friends to tell you a joke or provoke you to smile. If you’re stressing in front of the camera, then having someone to pull you out of your fears will do the trick. Eventually, you might overcome the fear over time or even used to situations in conjunction with the tip mentioned above.

Practice the Right Angle in a Mirror

8th place at Best Smile Photo 2018 (photo by Desislava Ignatova)

Practice smiling when you stand in front of a mirror or a window, where you could see your reflection. You could try capturing the moment with a camera if you decide to experiment smiling with closed eyes. Add some teeth or try a little asymmetry in which you lift only one end of your mouth upwards. You can do that each morning for 5 minutes, and it will not only make you feel comfortable smiling but will also boost your mood for the day.

Relax Your Facial Muscles

1st place at Best Smile Photo 2018 (photo by Kostadin Yordanov)

Loosen up the skin and the muscles around your mouth, nose, and eyes and allow yourself to look more natural.

Imitate Others

9th place at Best Smile Photo 2018 (photo by Pranab Basak)

Look through photographs of smiling people and incorporate what you find attractive. Remember that it isn’t mandatory to look all the same. Instead, try to find a way to make something that you like to look good on you in your way. Express your individuality through a common style – let your smile bloom like flowers all the same yet a little different from each other after all.

Smile with All Your Heart

4th place at Best Smile Photo 2018 (photo by Debasish Chakraborty)

Whenever you decide to smile – do it with all your heart, regardless of whether someone is taking a photo of you or not. The only thing that powers the beautiful smile is the drive that comes from the heart. If whole your body smiles in addition to your face, there is no chance that you won’t look good!

Never Miss a Chance to Smile and Boost Your Mood

We doubt it that it’s all said and done, but you will get it right for you on the track. Sure we’ve told we won’t talk about the aphorism about the wasted day (from the beginning) in details, but it does make serve to motivate you to find incentives for a better mood, right?

Why don’t you look into our smilest collection of photographs or enter in a contest on VOUBS with a funny subject?

I’d love to hear your opinion about which is the best smile on our website! Write it down in the comments.

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