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The Secret Life of Pets and Domestic Animals Revealed in 13 Royalty-Free Images (Best Pet Photo Contest 2018)

  • June 25, 2018
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Have you ever wondered what is your pet doing while you’re not around?

I am referring to those questions like “What is my dog thinking?” or “Why is my cat doing that?” that have been buzzing the heads of pet owners for ages.

It’s no secret that pets have their own lives and they make that most notable to everyone when they get to stay alone or decide to do a thing on their own. Our VOUBS team found this secret life fascinating and decided to organize a contest about the close relationship between humans and pet or domestic animals. It closed its’ doors a few weeks ago and is the first photo contest about Best Pet Photo for this year. The contest conclusion is that it gathered entries from all corners of the world which gave us pleasant insights on different pets’ lives.

To share the inspiration and joy, we are now offering you a good read in which can find:

  • 13 pet images that will make your day and help you reconsider professional pet photography

  • An interview with the top winner of the contest and his suggestions for the VOUBS community

  • Quotes and aphorisms about the images, plus thoughts about their meaning

The Secret Life of Pet Animals and Domestic Animals as Seen by Professional Photographs

To have a pet is to own a treasure. It is a rare type of wealth that only the richest hearts could have.

Following are 13 photos that will give you a new perspective for animals, interesting moments insight, suggestions about what they do when left alone or assumptions what does life mean to them.

“Best Friend” by Nirob Ahmed

25th place

I remember I once read that puppies make the strongest connections with the youngest members of their family. Whether it’s because they’re both full of energy or because they share the same troubles while growing is unknown, but it is certain that this kid and the puppy are setting the beginning of a life-long friendship.

“Cara The Jack” by Hrise Georgieva

23rd place

In 2016, a movie named “The Secret Life of Pets” was released. The main story was about the hidden life that pet animals have while their owners are out of their homes. It involved unbelievable journeys in which Max, a Jack Russell Terrier, played the main role.

Meet Cara, another Jack Russell Terrier. We do know that she is calmly laying on a pillow. But only she knows what is actually going on in her head and what plans she hides there.

“Ready to Pounce” by Elizabeta Dimitrova

23rd place

A long-mustached kitten from Macedonia. While she looks like a prey stalker, I am wondering what her name is Macedonian is.

I would love to know if the author, Elizabeta, wants to share that information.

“Empty Place Seeker for Pet” by Md. Nazmul Hasan Khan

20th place

Bangladesh’ transportation system is one of the worst worldwide. People are forced to travel hanging on the outsides of the trains, but this man can’t afford to do it. He is desperately trying to find a space for himself and his companion. The rush of people makes this hard to do, but he is not going to give up and is willing to not get on the train if that means abandoning his dog.

How do you think – is there a love sincerer than the one between a pet and its’ owner?

“Little Mugly” by Liyana Mihova

13th place

As a continuation of the “love” matter, it is important to note that this is a complex feeling. It consists of a vast array of emotions, including sadness or depression.

This dog, for instance, looks quite unhappy, perhaps adopting the expression of an animal left alone and wondering whether his owners would return or not.

“My Small Friend Pako” by Georgi Harizanov

12th place

Eventually, though, the sadness of being alone soon turns into suspicion.

Was that the sound of my owner’s car?” or “Is this him coming with the elevator?” are only two of the possible questions a pet may have in its’ head. Who knows?

“Two Against One” by Boryana Andonova

8th place                                                              10 WINGS Award

The story goes on, however. After the initial sadness is gone and the suspicion is left without a straight answer, the melancholia hits hard. Pet animals make strong connections with humans, and socializing makes most of their lives meaningful.

It turns out that after the initial madness and crazy stuff dogs do when left alone, they become bored and spend the time waiting for the owners to come back.

“Walk in the Park” by Tsvetelina Nikolova

7th place     10 WINGS Award

The moment a pet sees your face and recognize you as his owner is a moment of great joy.

This photo of a Bulgarian author is a great example of love and joy seen from a companionship.

“Showering My Cock” by Peter Lee

5th place     10 WINGS Award

Love, however, is not only related to pet animals. It could also relate to the love of domestic animals, like this image where a man in a traditional costume is showering and cleaning his cock with water spew.

“Carri, Mami and Dzidzi” by Kostadin Yordanov

4th place     10 WINGS Award

Truth is also, the more animals you have, the more love you get. These ladies are part of one family and represent three generations – a grandmother, a mother and a daughter.


“Little Dragon” by Hasse Hamid

3th place     10 WINGS Award

And whether you choose to have a fish, a hen, a cat or dog, it is important that you let the animals live their lives to their fullest potential. Accept all “secrets” that animals carry and take good care of them as creatures.

“WUFF” by Josef Hinterleitner

2nd place     10 WINGS Award

Create a proper environment for them where they have enough friends to be crazy with and share the secrets that you can’t understand. Then reap what you’ve sown – love and happy memories.

“Police Dog” by Azim Khan Ronnie

1st place        204 EUR Award

Don’t forget that pets would also love to have some adventures in their lives. Ensure they do have.

Remember the quote that states: “animals might be here only for a part of your life but for them, you are their whole life.” Cherish and capture the moments.

For the latter, read on to learn what the winner had to say about his winning photo.

Interview with the Pet Photography Contest Winner Azim Khan Ronnie

Q: Briefly introduce yourself

A: My name is Azim Khan Ronnie. I was born in Dhaka, but I grew up in Bogra, Bangladesh. I have an utter passion for photography, and my ultimate goal is to capture the moments of life and give them significance by making them static in time. I love to travel and meet new people. Currently, I work as a senior camera person in a news channel and continue doing so for over 13 years now. My TV experience pushed me to gain a lot of photographic knowledge and enter into many photography contests.

Q: What are your biggest achievements?

A: I have many 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in national or international competitions, including here on VOUBS. I've won a BBC Wildlife Photo contest, a Wikipedia contest as well. I have prizes from Russia's, USA's, Japan's, Bangladesh's and China's competitions.

Q: What inspired you for the idea with the winning photo?

A: My main interest towards VOUBS began growing with the VIPA 2016 event.

Q: What would you like to see on VOUBS?

A: I would like to see real-time live contests.

Q: What are your ultimate goals?

A: I want to represent my country and win most of the most prestigious photography awards. I want to take a photo that will captivate anyone and be the best one in my life.

Conclusion for Pet Lovers and Pet Photographers

Pets are a great source of happiness. If you’re lucky enough a pet will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything you know. But regardless if you own one or not, VOUBS is giving you the chance to get to know them.

Make sure you’re regularly checking for other contests like Best Pet Photo 2018, so you could get the chance to be the next winner with over 200 EUR cash prize!

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In the meantime, you can learn interesting stuff from our blog or join in other contests (each day we are adding more and more).


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