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Top 10 Photos June 2018

  • August 2, 2018
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Summer Vibes, Marriage and FIFA World Cup

Else said this is the Holy Trinity of summer in whose name the following article is dedicated and describing the latest monthly photo competition on VOUBS.

Most likely, the link between the main subject and the three elements above is still tangled and obscure at this stage. But do not worry!

By the end of this reading, you will learn everything you need to know about the Top 10 Photos June 2018 contest. Not only that, but you will also get to see how the line “until World Cup do you apart” fits into the content while learning yet another way to impress your friends with exciting facts and stories. (And we bet that the last is likely to happen because we have tested it and it works J)

I suggest we carry on with the most pleasant part of all – the summer vibes, that have nearly all of us ready and eager to submerge into the world of adventures that summer has to offer.

Let’s do it.

Best Summer Photographs (Made in June)

Take a look at 10 of the best June photographs that will show you how people from many parts of the world celebrate summer. Dive into the experience now!

The Island” by Plamen Penov

This photography took the 10th place and was credited with 5 WINGS to its’ Bulgarian author. Although the area remains undisclosed, it resembles the desire of everyone for a summer vacation on a forgotten island. Apparently, the jury caught that emotion and gave this image nearly maximum votes (77 out of 80% possible).

Childhood” by Nity Jannatul

An image that is coming from the streets of Bangladesh to conquer the 9th place. With the same number of jury votes as the previous one, this photo touched the inner child in other photographers and received 74 rating votes from other users.  This took the author ahead of the previous one with 3.59% user votes from the maximum possible of 5%.

Yoana” by Svetozar Dobrichkov

From the depths of the Bulgarian Rhodope mountains, this girl characterizes the young Bulgarian woman. A woman that is singing Bulgarian folklore songs and dancing to them.

Quite expected, this image avalanched 177 social shares, a total score of 84.13 and proudly represents the 8th place.

The Fishing Season is Open” by Evgeni Gavazov

7th place for the Bulgarian bird photography. The image overtook the previous with merely a few points leading to its’ total score of 84.22. Yet, those points were enough for the author to take 20 WINGS.

Rice Field” by Nity Jannatul


The absolute dominant over the crowd of voters with 410 views, 40 comments, and 42 people marked the photo as favorite. The author didn’t say a word about the image, yet it received paid, regular and premium user’s votes.

Kartik Vrata” by Apu Jaman

At plain sight, the image shows how adolescence looks like combined with Nature.

Below the flat surface, however, the author captured the celebration of Kartik Vrata at Loknath Temple in Dhaka, Bangladesh. An interesting fact is that devotees light earthen lamps and fast until those lamps burn out during the event.

This image didn’t receive much of the jury’s votes or other user’s votes but thanks to the maximum number of paid votes it got to the 5th place.

The Spider Network” by Zdravka Dimitrova

With an interesting choice of name for this image, potentially even having a hidden meaning behind the network word, the Bulgarian female author crawled to 4th place.

About the number of jury votes, though, the spider grabbed only 72% of the jury votes, almost full number of ratings and the rest coming mainly from paid votes to cumulate to 85.30 points.

Morning Light” by Nity Jannatul

The most beautiful thing in June is to wake up so early that you catch the morning light, all by yourself, while the sun isn’t too hot yet. This image deserved the 3rd place and awarded the author of Bangladesh with 40 WINGS and a full number of jury votes.

We would love to know where did Nity Jannatul capture the photo that won solely by jury and user votes and no paid voting.

Cockfighting” by Chee Keong Lim

International experience in one shot. A Malaysian photographer who photoshoot a traditional activity in Indonesia. With 6.67 out of 10% possible paid votes, the fighting cocks grabbed the 2nd place.

Red-Veined Darter” by Azim Khan Ronnie

The top winner of the Top 10 Photos June 2018 contest is a long-time photographer from Bangladesh. His victory he claimed with the help of all users who accrued 4.99 out of 5% possible rating votes. Although the jury’s favorite is 2 places behind this one and gave only 74.66% of the possible votes, the photographer advanced through the competition by gaining the maximum number of paid votes.

The result is that 75 WINGS go as an award to Azim Khan Ronnie. Congratulations!

More Summer Vibes and Exciting Sceneries

If the given 10 images are not enough for you to select your next desktop background, enter the full ranking for the competition and find your personal favorite.

You can even comment below the article which that is if you feel like sharing it.

The Holy Trinity: The Hidden Connection Between FIFA, Marriage, and June

Admittedly, this does look like a cheesy magazine’s title, doesn’t it? Almost similar to “Marriage until FIFA World Cup do you apart,” but that is not the case here.

This last month was a holy event for the football fans, therefore their wives too whether they wanted it or not, which made an impact on our Top 10 Photos June 2018 competition also. This is the first month of all so far with such low activity, which we can explain to ourselves with the increasing number of vacations and the appealing power of the TV during the World Cup. We can’t be confident about this one, but want to find out if we are correct. Therefore, we challenge anyone who has been engaged with Russia’s World Cup 2018 somehow to enter our current monthly competition with a football-related photograph.

And before I put this article to an end, I would like to leave you with an interesting fact to consider and tell your friends.

During medieval times, people usually took a bath only once per year, and that was either in May or June. The month of May, however, was also the time of the year when the dead ones were mourned. Hence, considering the aforementioned, June was the best time of the year for people to get married.

And while on the topic of marriage, these acts were done in June to get the blessing of the Roman goddess of birth and marriage – Juno – from where the month itself got its’ name.

If that isn’t enough to impress your comrades, tell them that June is also the best month for marriage about finances. Anyone who gets married before July 1st is considered married for the whole financial year, therefore, is required to pay a lower rate of income tax, due to the higher obligations coming with marriage.

With that said, the link between the holy trinity is revealed.

Not only you’ve received inspiration for your next photos or summer trips (through the displayed places above), but you potentially learned a historical fact. Hopefully, you will come back next month when you’ll find more exciting stories, but in the meantime don’t forget that VOUBS continues to provide fresh and rewarding photo contests for you!

See you next month!

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