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Top 10 Photos July 2018

  • August 20, 2018
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Do you believe you have the freedom to decide upon your actions?

Note: This image is courtesy of Evan Dennis and is not part of the Top 10 Photos July 2018 competition.

Salut, le Voubster!

Seeing you here is making me feel fantastic, because you’re either a really passionate fan about the Top 10 Photos contest, and the article series (by the way this one is the seventh edition for this year), or you’ve entered here by chance and are entirely in the dark about what’s going on here. Either way, you’re lucky, because this reading is going to be worth it!

Only if you make it to the end of this article, you will:

·        Discover 10 amazingly picturesque views to re-take as a photographer or visit as a tourist

·        Hear at least 2 promising reasons to become a photographer (besides shooting models)

·        Learn a way to make money out of your hobby and your browsing sessions on the Internet

·        Find out why freedom is merely a reverie haunting people for generations

·        Chill and educate yourself with some world-class history and a new song

So, darling fellow, stick with us and keep reading, because we are going to find you and get your ass whooped if you don’t. Though, this would be illegal and counter-productive, so don’t take it seriously, but take it as a certainty that you will be having a good time for the next 10 minutes for sure.

Also, excuse our French.

Dive into the Wilderness That Comes with the Freedom of Nature (Top 10 Photos July 2018)

This headline suits the July edition of our seventh monthly photo contest perfectly, due to the 90% of all participating images that disclose the beautiful views of Nature in different parts of the world.

Top 10 Photos July 2018 received a total of 114 entries from 68 different participants, which means that nearly every contestant participated with more than one image for a piece of the 300 WINGS prize pool. Only 10 of the pictures, however, managed to get to the top and it was a fierce battle in the last days of the voting stage. That phase lasted from August 1st to August 8th and experienced multiple dethronements of the first ten places.

An overall statistics of the contest include 6.6K total views from the website and 1.3K votes for all of the abovementioned entries. These numbers and the fluctuations in the ranking, lead to the following ten images being the ten chosen ones.

Boatman” by Chee Keong Lim

The author of the image has taken a photo of traditional fishers in Myanmar and compelled on 71 people who viewed the image. Nevertheless, it received a total score of 79.16 with a maximum number of jury votes and half of the maximum number of user votes. In addition to those votes, the author received a negligible amount of wings votes (paid). The outcome is that the image took the 10th place.

Interestingly, Chee Keong Lim has decided to invite all VOUBS users on a pre-planned photo trip from November 15-25, 2018. In case you love to travel and have the resources to do it, contact the author to learn more about his proposition.

Nature Love” by Miroslav Hristov

A Bulgarian expression of love towards photography and nature is displayed on this photo. With a slightly better total score of 79.58, this image attracted fewer jury votes, in exchange for a higher number of users votes and rating. Almost 100 people saw this photograph and helped it get the 9th place with 10 WINGS as an award.

Macro World” by Zdravka Dimitrova

A typical Bulgarian horse-fly.

Zdravka won the public with 355 photo views, half of the possible user votes, 42 rating votes and 54% jury votes of the total 60% that are considered in calculating the overall score. The latter is 79.75 and awarded the photographer with the 8th place and a respectful comment from a fellow photographer.

Summer Forest” by Eshana Trifonova

The forest, captured by a woman photographer from Macedonia, in its’ best.

The result for this one is 79.80 total score, which surpasses the previous one with just .05 points. However, the audience seems to have liked this photo more. Why? Because even though the jury gave it fewer credits than the one on the 8th place, it attracted 13.78% and 14.56% rating and user votes of an allowed total of 16% for both of them.

Waterlily” by Nirob Ahmed

The 568 views for this artwork lead to the gracious look of the 6th place.

It is unknown if this beauty is from Bangladesh – the place where the author lives – but it is known that it won a maximum number of rating votes (16%) and a maximum number of photo views, that combined with the jury vote (52%), the users vote and the paid votes with wings (4.17% of 5% allowed), the image claimed 25 WINGS prize.

Colorful Café” by Rositsa Pavlova

Judging by the language on the signs, this café is located somewhere in Greece. Rositsa, a woman from Bulgaria, missed to share the exact location, but still nailed place number 5 with a total score of 84.00 points.

The colorful cafeteria attracted 15.2% user votes, 54% jury votes, and 13.28% rating votes with a negligible amount of wing votes and views.

Fauna” by Apu Jaman

The meeting point of an insect with a butterfly in search of honey.

Statistics say this image deserves the 4th place for its’ 573 views, 58% jury votes, 16% rating votes (maximum), 3% votes from views (maximum) and 4.17% wing votes (paid). One thing you might see is missing, and that is the user votes where the image failed to appeal and only received 3.68% out of 16%.

Life and River” by Azim Khan Ronnie

The second runner-up for the first place belongs to a multiple-time winner from our competitions – a photographer from Bangladesh. He managed to reach a total score of 86.72 points that consist of all the possible components – paid votes, rating votes, user votes, the maximum number of votes from views and jury votes.

Azim Khan Ronnie won 40 WINGS for his 3rd place.

Icy Sweetness” by Vasilena Ivanova

Second place in our Top 10 Photos July 2018 contest goes to another Bulgarian women photographer. She claimed 45 WINGS as an award for her artwork, which ultimately won the public with a maximum number of user votes and a total score of 88.27 points.

A Sea of Suns” by Kostadinka Yordanova

The photographer of this sunny photo is a master of the euphemism as seen from the title of the image. With 89.19 points in total, Kostadinka Yordanova grabbed the grand prize and received a small avalanche of comments, affirmative user votes, and compliments.

This image entirely represents the month of July as the sunflowers are most beautiful and in their vivid powers during this period. If you pay close enough attention, you might even see the first sunflower on the right smiling at you J.

This Story is Yet to Reveal

Now smile back at that sunflower above, but don’t you hurry up to go! A little bit more is coming to you, as it was promised above.

Being a photographer is a great endeavor to take on. You have the freedom to decide what and when to photograph, as well as how much your pay is going to be. In the modern world, if that isn’t freedom, I do not know what else is. However, when you think about it long enough – is this the freedom people fought for and that you want?

The History of Freedom – A Thrilling and Educating Story

July 2nd, 1964:
President Lyndon B. Johnson from the US signed the Civil Rights Act into law at the White House. This act outlawed all and any discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Not only, but it also prohibited any unequal application of voter registration requirements, racial segregation in schools, employment, and public accommodations.

July 4th, 1776:
The United States Declaration of Independence was signed. Thirteen colonies finally achieved what they were fighting for - no longer being part of the British Empire and instead be an independent nation with own sovereignty.

July 20th, 1969:
Apollo 11 landed the moon, and Neil Armstrong took the first ever step on that surface, done by the humankind. Millions of people watched the TV broadcast, while the man spoke his most famous words: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Fast forward; it is July 22nd, 2015:
Pharrell Williams publishes his song called “Freedom” on his account on YouTube.

Can you see what’s in common?

Internationally and historically, July seems to be the month that has potentially witnessed more freedom-driven achievements, for the humanity and throughout history, than any other month of the year. Another thing that relates to all of those dates is our collective desire to be free.

Humanity is continually developing and learning new skills. However, there are still many aspects of freedom that have to be fought to fall. The truth is slavery might be long gone from the civilized world, but we are far away from being completely free.

Why we are bothering you with this subject is because even though we seem to be developing, we are also increasing regarding population, which puts some pressure on people – one way or another. It seems that more and more people are feeling “chained” while no one is putting any chains. We want you to think about this “Did you do anything good for the mankind during the month of freedom or did you not?

Answer yourself and feel free to end the story the way you think you should. We would leave it like that – with an open end – so all of us can help us write it down.

Thank you for staying and good luck in whatever it is that you do!

See you next month!

P.S. Contests with cash prizes are coming real soon on VOUBS, so make sure you don’t miss your chances!

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