How to Participate in VOUBS Contests in a Memorable Way

  • November 30, 2016
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No matter what your passion is, contests are a great way to challenge yourself. You get the chance to test your skills, to compete against other people, and if you are good enough — you can win a prize for your efforts and talent.

Here are some tips that will help you participate in VOUBS in a memorable way and thus have a greater chance to win some of our prizes. Like you’ve already noticed, our contest hub offers a variety of contests on different topics. Most of them are photography contests but we’ve also held contests that required shooting a video, singing, painting, acting and more.

So our №1 tip is to always make sure your submission suits the topic. We often receive photos and videos that don’t match the topic of the contest. If you are aiming to qualify for the first 10 places, your media has to be relevant and to express the theme and your style in the best possible way.

Tip №2 has to do with the quality of the submission you are participating with. A high-quality entry is a must if you want to be among the winners. In order to come up with something memorable, you need to equip yourself with a high-quality camera or a recorder, and to learn how to make skilled use of them.

Speaking of skills, our №3 tip is all about attention to details. It doesn’t matter if you are taking a photo, shooting a video or painting a picture, you must always do your best and never underestimate even the tiniest details like: what’s in the corner of your photo, how good the sound of your video is, the angle you are taking the picture from, the brightness of the colors etc.

Tip №4 has to do with the way you present and advertise yourself. The thing that most participants forget to do is to add a relevant and rich description to their photos. For example, if you have taken a photo of a mountain nearby, add its name, location and some interesting facts to the description. You may also add the camera’s model and the settings you have made, or the story behind the photos. People love reading about the way something is created and this is your chance to engage and impress them.

Tip №5: Develop your unique style. All great artists have their own, unique style. Whether we’re talking about writers, painters, photographers or singers, they all strive to build their uniqueness and thus to be recognized by their fans. You won’t become a memorable artist if you don’t leave your own mark in the things you create. It could be the colors you use, the way you compose your photos, the perspective you are shooting from… It’s totally up to you, but surely you won’t go unnoticed.

These were just 5 quick and easy tips how you can participate in VOUBS’s contests in a memorable way. Follow them and you will surely improve your performance in every contest you enter!

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