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How Is Wood Culture Changing in Time - 2 Video and 3 Photography Contests

  • September 7, 2018
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Times Are Changing: VOUBS and The World Wood Day Foundation Team up and Organize 2 Video and 3 Photography Contests to Find out Artworks That Represent How Is Wood Culture Changing in Time

The contests invite worldwide-based professionals and amateurs to share their point of view about the rapidly changing world and how it affects people’s perception of wood

The World Wood Day Foundation teams up with VOUBS for the second time to celebrate World Wood Day internationally and award 43 photo and video contestants with $42K in total

VOUBS dares photographers to enter in a set of five new contests on its’ platform as of September 1


The World Wood Day Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises public awareness of wood, in companionship with VOUBS, an online contest hub that hosts competitions for photographers, designers, and other creatives, officially announced that they are joining forces this year to commemorate World Wood Day together. The two organizations form a partnership by bringing five photography and video contests that will represent the global changes that affect the usage of wood nowadays.

Registrations for all five contests are already launched from September 1, 2018. Professional and amateur photographers and video makers or editors are free to join, once they have a valid account on VOUBS and prepare an entry that corresponds entirely to the set requirements for each competition. Entrants will be able to join each one of the five contests. However, the restrictions allow users to participate only once per category. Out of all five contests, a total of 43 winners will be selected and announced by the end of January 18, 2019.

The World Wood Day Foundation partners with VOUBS for a second time this year for spreading the word about the World Wood Day celebration worldwide. The first campaign surpassed the expectations for accrued interest, which resulted in the desire of WWDF to host another set of contests in 2018. After discussions with the CEO and Founder of VOUBS, Vasko Vasilev, the non-profit organization decided to arrange two more contests in a different category to attract the awareness of another group of creative people. The subject under which all contests will run is “Change in Wood Culture” and has the organizers expecting more significant interest in comparison with the previous mutual campaign.

According to the team members of WWDF, World Wood Day is a reminder that wood is essential for people’s lives and the environment, but also brings people together to explore, experience and share their mutual appreciation of wood, and inspire impactful actions and changes for a sustainable future. The foundation is actively organizing on-the-site events to raise public awareness of the topic, however, partnering with VOUBS reveals an excellent opportunity to reach to people who operate and are most active online. WWDF’s board of directors’ belief is that the annual event serves as a platform for people to make their contribution to the environment and the planet. The mission of VOUBS is in many ways similar as it strives to give people a network where users can benefit from each other with their skills and knowledge. This similarity makes yet another reason for the two organizations to team up on this event.

To maximize the efforts of the social campaign, VOUBS and WWDF expanded this campaign by adding two more contests that require video entry. With this, users on the contest hub will be able to enter the following contests in less than 72 hours:

The first three categories are the usual photography contests that offer a prize pool of $4.8K for each category, while the video contests provide prize pools of $10K and $14K, as follows. Additionally, to attract more interest, besides the cash prizes, all winners will participate in an exhibition held during the World Wood Day Celebration Ceremony that this year will be in Austria.

To learn more about the contests on VOUBS and participate, visit www.voubs.com or go to www.worldwoodday.org to find out information about World Wood Day Foundation.

Wood Is Good: Together for a Sustainable Future with World Wood Day

World Wood Day Foundation is an organization that operates globally and organizes a major event annually, on March 21, usually week-long, to celebrate wood across disciplines. Artists, educators, hobbyists, and industries come together from different lands, languages, and cultures to share experiences, skills, and passions for wood. The event centralizes various uses of wood which allows extrapolation and eventual application to individual lifestyles. Satellite events are organized in different regions throughout the year to continue the exploration and experiences. WWDF encourages people to be conscious of the perception and usage of wood.


VOUBS.com is a global contest hub that provides real-time contest management by connecting freelancers and creatives with businesses, entrepreneurs, and employers. The company is guided by passion for invention, long-term thinking and a customer-obsession, which lead to developing the online platform where people have the freedom to earn recognition for their skills or find the best services for their specific needs, while cutting the distance between people – whether they would be job seekers and employers or different individuals. Created in 2014, VOUBS is a leading platform for photography contests, while supporting other as well, and has organized an International Photography Awards Ceremony and awarded over €90.000. For more information, visit www.voubs.com/about-us and follow @VOUBS.

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