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Top 10 Photos August 2018

  • September 17, 2018
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Summertime Sadness

*Knock, knock*
- Who’s there?
- It’s Summer. I
wanted to say goodbye.

It is over. It was great fun, we have had plenty of beautiful moments together, lots of laughs and sparks of love all around. However, it is official – August is gone for good. But not without legacy in the name of “Top 10 Photos August 2018”, which is the main reason why we are gathered here.

Besides looking at the best ten photographs made in August 2018, in this month’s article, we are going to talk about:

·        SAD or seasonal affective disorder – summertime sadness in plain English;

·        5 ideas for fun in September;

·        The first day of school stuff and random historical facts related to August;

·        Anything in between those topics that comes out unexpected herein or within the comments.

Now, the chances are that if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you aren’t precisely happy about summer rushing to go, so I plea to you to take these 10 best images from our latest top 10 photo contest on VOUBS and get a good use of them to brighten up your days in the upcoming chilly days.

(If you are living in the Southern Hemisphere and wonder why isn’t that mentioned – well, let’s say that you’re one hell of a bastard for having all the summer days in front of you. Still, take a look at how’s summer been going on for others and enjoy the time you have!)

Going Through Summer in 10 Photographs (Top 10 Photos August 2018)

Summertime didn’t go by without saying “Hi.”  We’ve received more than 100 greetings from summer as participating images in our Top 10 Photos August 2018 competition.

In the contest above, we’ve enjoyed the presence of 58 photographers from 18 different countries on three different continents. Although this may not seem like much, it covered most of the advanced populations worldwide and attracted about 6 000 people who reviewed, commented and voted for the participating images of all entrants.

Thanks to the professional jury team and the user votes, the top 10 prize winners you are about to see shared the 300 WINGS prize pool. Continue reading to see who is included in the Big Ten.

Snail” by Csaba Harai

A cute, curious snail walking on a retro table is what Csaba Harai from Romania got with his camera. For that shot, he earned the 10th place and the prize of 5 WINGS.

He received a total score of 70.38 points, which consists of 50% jury votes, 15.25% rating, 4.8% user votes, and 0.33% points from views. In case you’re interested, Csaba Harai managed to surpass the 11th place and the photographer who took it with more than 3% of user votes and nearly half more rating.

August in Teteven” by Itso Tepavicharov

At the 9th place is a Bulgarian town which has managed to preserved live 27 trades, according to statistics, many of which nowhere else to be seen in Bulgaria. The photographer was awarded 10 WINGS prize for his efforts of taking a panorama picture from the heights.

The numbers on VOUBS share that this image won with 71.12 points in total. Of those points, 40% come from the jury, 15.66% come from the rating, 14.24% come from user votes, 0.96% come from views and 0.25% come from votes paid with our virtual currency.

Comin’ Thro’ The Rye” by Miroslav Hristov

The name reminds of Scotland – for those of you who’ve read Robert Burns and his famous rye poem – but the picture yells “Bulgaria” as it’s taken there. The catchy title is a reference to the poem above, but I must say that I am curious if the photo resembles the picture from the Burns’ artwork to you. You can share your opinion on that matter in the comments below!

Meanwhile, bear in mind that this image won 15 WINGS for taking 8th place with a total score of 71.22 points. Distribution of those points goes as follows: 40% from jury votes, 14.58% from rating, 15.22% from user votes, 0.87% points from views and 0.25% from paid votes. The total has a small difference to the previous place but still sufficient enough to be ahead.

Bird’s Eye View of Boats” by Azim Khan Ronnie

A seemingly high number of fishers with their boats are captured on this photo from the waters around Bangladesh. If you’re curious enough, you will find it interesting to know that Bangladesh is a wealthy country regarding marine resources, however, due to the unbearable high number of population within its’ borders, fishing is the only way for local people to meet the food demands of the country.

Regardless of this “hidden” story behind this scene, the image received 71.45 points in total and won 20 WINGS at 7th place with 48% jury votes, 16% rating (maximum), 4.48% user votes and 2.97% points from views (only 0.03% below the maximum for this component). In numbers, the total amount of views for the image equals 304.

Boats Market” by Nirob Ahmed

Without a direct connection between this image and the previous one, you will find it interesting that they are both created around a similar topic. But not only! Both of the photographers at the previous, 7th place, and the current, 6th place, come from Bangladesh.

What you will find most intriguing here is that this image received the same number of total score – 71.45 points – like the one at place number seven. The one and single advantage for this one to get one position ahead are that it has been uploaded three days earlier.

Peafowls” by Kristina Nikolova

The Bulgarian author of this image saw the shape of “love” between the symmetry and beauty of these two creatures. So did others because “Peafowls” got 72.59 points and 5th place with 30 WINGS prize.

Details show that the image received 50 points from jury votes, 13.15 points from rating, 8 points from user votes and 1.44 points from views.

The Beauty of the Sunflower” by Kostadinka Yordanova

The sunflower is a pure symbol of the summer, although not necessarily related to August. Unless being a late bloomer, it’s usually in full bloom by the end of July. Nevertheless, the image attracted the attention of our users and received 72.86 points in total, hence, the 4th place and the 35 WINGS prize.

Regarding points allocation, 50% come from jury votes, 13.15% from rating, 8% from user votes and 1.71% from views.

Fight for Territory” by Apu Jaman

This two lizards fighting represent how the 3rd place looks like in our Top 10 Photos August 2018 contest. One more entry from Bangladesh and the prize of 40 WINGS to the author of the photograph.

From here on, the top 3 ranking starts with this image being the second runner-up with 81.55 points.

Rock and Water” by Yavor Kirilov

The first runner-up receives 45 WINGS for the magnificent view of a magical place within the borders of Bulgaria. Thanks to the total score of 82.33 points, the rock and water photograph takes the 2nd place with 50% jury votes, 15.01% rating, 16% user votes (maximum) and 1.32% points from views.

Salt Field Worker” by Chee Keong Lim

The absolute favorite for August comes from Malaysia with a photo of salt field workers taking on their daily tasks before the first sunrays for the day. At the 1st place with the prize of 75 WINGS, proud and tall stands the photograph of Chee Keong Lim who received 83.52 points consisting of 60% jury votes, 14.21% rating, 6.08% user votes, 0.48% points from views and 2.75% paid votes.

As it looks, the image attracted the jury’s attention. However, users on VOUBS didn’t agree with the jury’s opinion entirely, but thanks to the paid votes, this image managed to get on top of our last contest for the summer.

SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Now, let’s make a shift towards the main topic – summertime sadness. As we’ve already discussed, for the population located in the Northern Hemisphere summer is officially marching towards its’ end. According to various researches, this time of the season is quite likely to give rise to depression.

Why is that?

It could be due to some reasons:

·        Summer is the time of socializing with friends – new and old ones – and having lots of fun. Hence, the end of that season might leave the impression that these are all over until next summer.

·        Most paid vacations are planned for the summer, and they often involve anything but not work for a long time. Going back to the daily chores might make people feel bad.

·        Summer means ice cream, cold drinks, light shirts, and shorts. Autumn puts all of this to an end and increases the efforts for keeping yourself cozy and warm.

These and many more might make you feel the summertime blues. When you think about it hard, though, it turns out that most of the activities you can do in the summertime, you can also conduct in any other season. To help you figure it out, we’ve decided to give you five ideas for spending September and the overall autumn in the best way possible.

5 Ideas for Having Fun in September

1.      Travel to a country where it is still hot. As you could imagine, traveling is always fun and brings positive emotions. If you could afford and plan a trip to a warmer country, you might be able (somehow, but I can’t imagine how) to get over your summertime sadness.

2.      Embrace autumn. Autumn is not such a bad season after all. One of the easiest but funniest things you could do (and you’ve done it as a kid) is to gather all the fallen leaves together in a big pile and jump in it. It would be even better if you can convince your friends to join you.

3.      Read more books and organize indoor socializing activities. If you can’t use the weather outside any longer, then why don’t you move the party from outside to inside?

4.      Pretend it is still summer. This could be done for only a little while, but it could make you feel great throwing a bubble party in the garden or going for some outdoor activities or even roller skating in the rain.

5.      Grow your talents. What’s a better time to sign up for a new learning course or join in any of our active competitions, that could win you fabulous prizes and polish your skills, than now?

Moreover, while we’re talking about learning new stuff. Let’s learn a thing right now.

Historical Facts About August

·        Once upon a time, August has been a month with only 29 days. It was Julius Caesar who gave it two more days when he created the Julian calendar, and that stuck until the present days so that you could enjoy this month a bit more.

·        August is the month with most planned holidays when it comes to European workers.

·        August has been the official baby month for years in the USA with the most babies being born in it.

·        Scotland is one of the few countries where school starts in August. Usually, the first day of school for people in the Northern Hemisphere is in September, while for the Southern Hemisphere it is in January or February.

Without any further delay, I shall put this article to an end and let you think over all the things you’ve read here. In the meantime, I am taking an extended vacation from writing down articles, but hopefully, I will be back in a few months again. Until then, enjoy your lives and do your best!

-        L.

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