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Top 10 Photos September 2018

  • October 10, 2018
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Hey Dear Voubsters,

One more contest down to ‘completed’ category. Because all things have a beginning but an end as well. And September is over. So is TOP 10 September photos and its final voting. We are ready to announce the winners chosen by you and the pro jury members as a team. 

10. ‘Spring In The Hand’ by Zdravka Dimitrova

The beginning of our winners list starts with the hope of a Bulgarian lady that the upcoming cold months will pass by so quickly that soon it will be spring again. And we would have it in our hand. How nice it is to have daisies in hand! Their little white petals bring innocence and feeling of something new. Let’s all grab in some of that!

9. ‘Bee In Pink Garden’ by Stanimir Stanev

The spring mood in September continues on our platform by the next winning photo of a bee which is on the flower. All blossoms back to life. Lucky are those who would taste some of the honey made thanks to the work of this small insect. 

8. ‘Happiness of Kids’ by Chee Keong Lim

Is there anything better than the smiles of the kids?! This photo is the first non-Bulgarian that goes into the TOP chart of this contest. And the first that includes rain - way more typical thing for September than spring memories!

7. ‘Mushrooms In Park’ by Diana Ivanova


The photographer explains that she saw these mushrooms in a park in North Ireland near river Bann. How colorful and enormous they look! Wild and preserved as well! Hmm.. how many of us wonder if there are good spicies nearby as well? If yes, I am definitely taking a granny’s mushroom soup recipe and the first plane ticket to Ireland!

6. ‘Lantern’ by Nirob Ahmed


Lantern - our chance to see in the darkness! Especially if it is flying it gives you the feeling that something good is coming up. Good job to Nirob for catching the moment with his camera - the moment of breaking the night!

5. ‘Temple On The Peak’ by Itso Tepavicharov


A lovely landscape taken in the mountain with the mystery of the hidden temple on top of a peak. What a place you have been to, Itso! Seems like it was an exciting September for you and your camera!

4. ‘Spice Women’ by Apu Jaman

So different to spice girls, ah! This photo captures the hard work of women who need to find their way to support their families. And it is heavy work. Restless. Bent all day long, their fingers barely having any sense of normal touch at the end, sun exhausting their all bodies. And yet they do have smiles on their faces. Because they are useful to their families, they have motive to go out of bed in the mornings and be meaningful for the world. 

A photo and a whole life story! Good job!

3. ‘Flower Boats’ by Mamon Khan


Here we come in the ‘medal’ area. And this 3rd place is given to Mamon for the lovely bird-view photo of a bunch of boats. They have arrangement of the petals of a flower. And there are people in the middle of the ‘flower’. Just like there are people in our lives whom we would like to protect from the coldness of the world by a shield of the most beautiful flower we have ever seen. 

2. ‘Surprising Meeting Face To Face’ by Kristina Nikolova

A small lizard is normally afraid of everything. Certainly it would be ‘shy’ to a camera. Obviously it was a surprising meeting and amazing reaction of the photographer. Good job, Krisi, you deserve acknowledgement! 

1. ‘Red Chillis’ by Azim Khan Roonie


Our first place in the TOP 10 contest of September goes to the Gold Member Azim Khan Roonie: another person who captured the fascinating chilli fields in Bangladesh. 

Congrats to all the winners! We expect you in the next months’ editions of the TOP 10 contests!

Psss: I am already super curious what will happen in Octobers’ contest! 


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