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Babies vs Adults: 15 Things Babies Taught Us For One Contest Only

  • October 12, 2018
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Our Best Baby Photo contest has definitely been the sweetest, the cutest ever! We would like to check what little babies teach us. What are the conclusions after all these photos of the little sunshines?

What do babies teach us that we as adults have forgotten?

1. Babies teach us to open our eyes fully for all small things around which can be both curious and interesting but dangerous as well.


51st place: ‘My Little Brother’ by Nina Nikolova


2. The little angels show us how astonishing the world can be. We need to be open to all little things and not to forget to admire every moment! How many curious things did you miss while hurrying up?! ‘Wow’ to every small miracle around you. That’s how our life would be so much more interesting.



47th place: ‘Little Angel’ by Danail Donev


3. If you want to fly, don’t be sad you are not bird! You have your chances! Find your wings, put into your life what would lift you up and don’t stop yourself from feeling free.



45th place: ‘Butterfly’ - Plamena Atanasova


4. Enjoy holidays to the maximum. You deserve to have something different. If it is Christmas time , don’t be in a rush to finish up something that the deadline is coming soon. Lay back and go in the cheerful Christmas spirit.



41st place: ‘Mila’ - Stefan Karagroshev


5. Wave your hand, foot or whatever you have nearby to all the sour things and smile as widely as you can.



36th place: ‘Smile of Baby Zuzi’ by Zdravka Dimitrova


6. Don’t forget what is it like to play. A game is the ultimate way of exploring the world. Have fun and enjoy life.


33rd place: ‘Playing’ - Ale Fletcher


7. Hug your mum, give her caress as much as you can. She is the person who brought you to life. And impossible as it might sound to some people, a real mom does not care for her life as much as for her child’s. So never, ever neglect her. Lean on her and let her lean on you!


32nd place: ‘Pure Love’ - Itso Tepavicharov


8. Enjoy your ‘papa’ time to the maximum!

29th place: ‘Smile’ - Plamena Atanasova


10. ...as well as your mama time!

23rd place: ‘Happiness’ - Svetozar Dobrichkov


11. Help your siblings because, as they say, blood cannot be turned to water. The first person that you play with is your brother/ sister. Lucky are those who are raised in multi-children families.

12th place: ‘Proxy’ - Angshuman Paul


12. Feel like a prince/ princess whatever is going on in your life and regardless what people try to make you feel.

10th place: ‘I am not amused…’ - Doreen Sammut


13. Think outside the box! (and take some rest if thinking is something you do too much).

3rd place: ‘Gift of Life’ - Froi Rivera


14. Enjoy art! Because the only thing eternal in this world is the art. Learn the message of the artists and discover the painter in yourself. Use the most vivid paints you ever find in the art of life.

2nd place: ‘Baby Painter’ - Froi Rivera


15. And live in peace with nature! Let your dreams soar but stay a down-to-earth person, always ready to lift his head up. And smile on!

1st place: ‘Jessica’ - Azim Khan Roonie


How many other life lessons babies gave you? Comment and share with us! 

PP: Congrats to everybody! Not only to the winners. Because time spent with babies is the best time ever. Sooner or later, we would all come down to that conclusion!

1 comment from 1 voubster
Doreen Sammut  

So true, beautiful :)

Reply  •  October 12, 2018 07:05:55 PM UTC
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