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Best Waterfall Photos of 2018

  • October 16, 2018
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Usually Waterfalls symbolize the descent of light and abundance. It seems like water falls down on Earth as if from heaven. Also,  the sound that we hear from the water falling down can be compared to the synchronized breathing of human body, the subtle sound of fill in with energy, meaning that waterfalls usually have purifying powers. And that’s why it is so magical to see waterfalls. Let’s take a look of our favourite photos of 2018 which capture this feeling. 

10. ‘Suchurum Waterfall, Karlovo’ by Milan Ljubisavljević

Near Karlovo, the home town of Vasil Levski, one of the greatest Bulgarian heros, there is the beautiful Suchurum Waterfall whose waters crush into the big stones from 15 m high. Reaching it is by 1 km walk on the so called ‘Lover’s Lane’ - perfect place to take your soul mate if you are in love.  

9. ‘Hidden in the forest’ by Baltas Guilkos


9th place goes to the shot of Baltas who found a beautiful place hidden in the forest with pure waters as if descending from heaven. 

8. ‘The Curtain’ by Milen Metodiev


If you would like to see this curtain then go to the Balkans, in the beautiful town Etropole. There is a monastery in Etropole, & the terrace on which is situated was naturally built by Varovitets, the waterfall.

7. ‘Sitovo Waterfall’ by Baltas Guilkos


We all know that Rhodopi mountain has its specially appeal. Its wild beauty captures the heart and makes you fall in love from the first time that you go. The mindblowing waterfall of Sitovo only one of its wonders.

6. ‘Tamhini Waterfall’ by Pratik Humnabadkar


Let’s go out of the borders of Bulgaria and head directly to… India! Here is a shot of Tamhini Waterfall in its full force (between July & September). 

5. Red,Green,Blue by László Márk


Let’s take a look at this amazing photo which captures so many colours of nature all at one place - just by one waterfall. 

4. ‘The waterfall of Belilkata river’ by Тихомир Димитров


Around 10m high, this waterfall is in the Balkans waiting for all of us to go visit! Because there is one really unique thing about it: the rock from where the water falls formed a cave with no water. It is just behind the waterfall and you can pass through it behind the waterfall.  

3. ‘Overflow’ by Baltas Guilkos

Wow, looks like it was taken from a fairytale?!

2. Gollinger Wassserfall by Josef Hinterleitner


Ok, let’s head to Austria! Near Salzburg, there is this amazing waterfall. See for yourself above! 

Beautiful Waterfall by Azim Khan Ronnie


And here is the winner of 100 euro! 

Congrats to everybody for the amazing shots, regardless in or out of the Top 10


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