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Welcome to the discipline "Home and Family" and in particular in its subcategory "Holidays". These are some of the most memorable and beautiful moments if they inspire your creativity, take part in one of the thematic contests on the platform. Share with our audience those unforgettable moments, spent with loved ones.

Holidays are meant to allow people to celebrate or mark an event or tradition of cultural or religious significance. The official non-working days can be defined by governments, religious institutions or other organizations. In many societies there are significant differences between those designated by the governments and those by certain religious institutions, such as the church.

Feel the holiday spirit

Here in the subcategory you can find a list of all events related to the theme. Register and may take part in all open competitions of our online platform and win amazing surprises. The focus of the media should be on the topic: holidays, weekends and vacations. VOUBS is the place where you publish all online competitions. In the discipline, you can participate or post online video clips, photographs and text related to the main theme. If you want experts and participants from around the world to learn about your holiday contest, you only need to post it to us. What you need is to own unique images or video, whether you're a beginner or pro. Browse current and upcoming events and sign up to participate.

VOUBS appreciates your ideas

If you want to start your own online contest, this is the place to do it. Within one hour you can now have up and running ready product that will be published in this discipline. It is suitable for companies, organizations, promoters or innovative entrepreneurs. Competition with entry fees, prize, money, products or virtual currency.

Using the already established and developed VOUBS rules, you not only run your own competition within minutes for a minimal investment, but also get access to all already registered users of the platform, which saves additional marketing budget. You need a professional jury experienced in the evaluation? Make an inquiry via our contact form. We are your most reliable partner for organizing competitions.