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  • "In Love with the Wind" contest for art photomontage
    Awards are proudly sponsored by In Love with the Wind Castle.
    Start date: 13.12.2017
    550 €
    26 days left
    Read contest description and competition rules carefully!
    Dear participants, 2018 is officially announced as "Year of EU-China Integration in the field of tourism." The Bulgarian "In Love with the Wind Castle" successfully...

Active contests

Welcome to the “Active Contests” section of the platform. Here you will find the most suitable online competitions, where you can participate and win incredible prizes. This is the place, where to publish your competitions and to attract instantly participants from all over the world.

Who organizes the competitions?

To organize competition, you need to comply with our requirements and rules for honest and transparent conducting.

To achieve this, we have started developing specialized software from mid-2014. We have organized over 150 competitions, so that we can create a unified legal framework, rating system and a way of conducting, which to be reduced into a few steps.

Users from all over the world could very quick and easy to start their own online project at VOUBS. It can be created for fun or with prizes, entry fee or no entry fee, international or regional, in different spheres such as:






       Business and image


       Audio and more.

How to participate?

If you wish to participate, select one of the active competitions and click on it to enter the page. There you will find the necessary information on rules, description, jury, rating, participants, etc.

Simply click the green button “Join the contest” in the upper right corner of the page, agree to the general rules, and if it does not require an entrance fee, continue to upload your photo, video, audio, or other appropriate file.

Are the prizes guaranteed?

One of our tasks as an intermediary is to ensure trust and security. We strictly monitor for unfair promoters, who publish prizes or promises they cannot fulfill.

Each organizer agrees in advance to the general rules under which he is required to pay the prize within the specified deadlines. Otherwise, we will be in our full right to ask for legal responsibility all unconscientious organizers that would damage the reputation of the platform.


Generate quality user content and income through entrance fees and manage your ad space. Establish long-lasting communication with your users and improve the visibility and image of your business.

Here is where you can have fun, develop your talent and earn money, prizes and virtual currency WINGS. Each registered user can create online projects in all existing disciplines. If you want to contact us, do not hesitate and use the contact form here.

Painting contests

In the discipline "Painting" you will find appropriate contests, in which you can take part and win unique prizes. If you love painting and think you are good, show your creativity to the world. Subscribe now to one of VOUBS competitions and win.

The creation of paintings is one of the oldest human activities. Painting is recreating the real or imaginary characters, events, experiences, impressions by combining them into a composite whole. It is an image made on a flat surface using the drawing material. The basis for drawing includes surfaces such as: walls; paper; cardboard; cloth; wood.

The materials and tools needed to make painting are the same as in the chart, the most commonly used are: pencil; charcoal; chalk; sanguine; ink and a feather; paint and brushes.

Discover the exact contest to showcase your skills. Simply register online and share your work with our audience. If you have friends and acquaintances who are known for their skills, invite them to participate. Here is where you publish all online competitions with top prizes.

If art is your passion or you are an artist with experience and want this to be your profession. Here in the discipline, you can participate or publish your own online video, photo and text. If you want experts in the field of art and artists from around the world to learn about your contest, you only need to post it to us.

What you need is to own unique images or video on the topic. Participate, share them with us and win great prizes. Take the first step in your career in fine art now. Browse current and upcoming events and sign up to participate.

VOUBS gives you more

If you want to have your own competition, this is the place to do it. Within an hour you can have up and running project, which will be published in this discipline. It is suitable for companies, organizations, promoters or innovative entrepreneurs. Competitions with entry fees, prizes, money, goods or virtual currency.

Using the already established and developed VOUBS rules, you not only run your own project within minutes for a minimal investment, but also get access to all already registered users of the platform, which saves additional marketing budget. Make an inquiry via our contact form. We are your most reliable partner for the organization of competitions.