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Welcome to the discipline with competitions for "Print". Love print art? To create prints for you is not just a hobby? Register online at VOUBS and show what you are capable. You are a designer or it's your hobby, show your skills in any of the contests. Earn money with your skills right now.

Printmaking is the process of creating works of art out of print, usually on paper. It usually covers only the process of creating prints that have an element of originality and creativity, not just a photographic reproduction of the picture. Each created print is not considered a copy, but rather an original.

They are created by transferring ink from matrix or through prepared screen to sheet of paper or other material. The types of matrices include: metal plates typically copper or zinc; Polymer plates for engraving; stone; aluminum; polymer for lithography; blocks of wood for carving and wood carvings; linoleum. Screens made of silk or synthetic fibers are used for the process of screen printing.

Whether you're a professional designer or an amateur, here in the discipline you can participate and publish online (video, photo and text) on the topic. If you want experts in design and consumers around the world to learn about your online competition and art. You only need to post it in the discipline.

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