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Want to show your skills and knowledge to the world? The discipline for "Science" at VOUBS will find suitable competitions for you, in which you can participate and win amazing prizes.

Science is a consistent enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of verifiable explanations and predictions about the universe. The scientific community is a group of all interacting scientists. Modern science is usually subdivided into natural sciences who study the material universe; social sciences who study people and communities; and formal sciences like mathematics.

What makes a good scientist?

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What scientific competitions can be found here? The focus of the media in the discipline should be directed to science. You can participate or post online contest (video, photo and text). If you want experts and participants from around the world to learn about your event, you only need to post it to us. What you need is to have unique footage or videos related to the topic. Browse current and upcoming events and sign up to participate. Success and your future is entirely in your hands. Take the first step by competitions in this discipline now.

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