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Welcome to the discipline "Sound and Music". Music is your life? You are DJ or play an instrument? It does not matter, here you will find suitable competition, to show your talent. You think you have what it takes? Subscribe for participation in the VOUBS site and become famous. Win amazing cash prizes.
In many societies, music is an important part of the lifestyle of the people. It is an art form in which the means of expression is the sound. And performs with a huge range of instruments and vocal techniques. Creation, importance, implementation and the definition varies depending on the social context and culture of the society. Creation is called composition. Music composition is composed by composer. There are many types, including: popular; traditional; art; for religious ceremonies and others.
What opportunities can be found here?
Here is the place where all online competitions are published. If your hobby is playing musical instruments or your professional activity is in this area. You can participate and publish online (video, audio and text). On the platform you will find the right competitions, where you can participate and win prizes. Join and become winner now.
If you want professionals and users from around the world, to learn about your event, you only have to post it to us. What you need is to have your audio or video related to the topic. Browse current and upcoming events and sign up to participate. Make your first steps in your career with us.
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If you want to launch your own online project, this is the place to do it. Within one hour you can now have ready established and operating competition, which will be published on the site.
It is suitable for companies, organizations, promoters or innovative entrepreneurs. Contests with entry fees, awards, money, goods or virtual currency. Using the already established and developed VOUBS rules, you not only run your own contest within minutes for a minimal investment, but also get access to all already registered users of the platform, which saves additional budget.
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