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Completed competitions

Welcome to the section with "Completed contests" of VOUBS platform. Here you will find the content of all the competitions that have already been completed. This is the place, where you can view all the awarded winners, to look for popular organizers, participants or media.

Can I participate?

Here you will find only completed competitions in which the registration period has long expired. If you wish to apply for participation, please go to the section "Active competitions".

Which contest is completed?

Each contest has a predetermined end date for completion. Once this date coincides with today's day, it automatically goes into completed. This means that the organizer has to start paying the prizes as soon as possible (usually 14 days).

By what could be useful this section?

Every competition organized in VOUBS is preserved for some time in our archive. This allows all interested users to view content from certain specific topics.

To look at the rankings and to track trends in the specific field. Who won and why? What rating he has received from the jury or users? Looking at the completed competitions, you can acquire a lot of valuable information about what is required from you to win.

You can view hundreds of completed competitions on various themes such as:

 Best video

 Sweetest Baby

The most beautiful eyes

 Logo design

 Cooking recipes

 Best DJ

 The most fun video and many more.

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Participants from different nations: United States, UK, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, Russia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Moldova, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia.

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