Best Bird Photography Contest
Total awards: Fun


1 st
Peace in captivity

1. This is a white pigeon. 2. I love this picture because has a great symbolism behind it. The white pigeon is a internationally recognized symbol of peace. On this photograph the pigeon is in captivity in a cage which represents the peace in captivity. Also the missing number on the bulding brings up the question 'When the peace become unfree?' 3. This photograph was taken with a Sony Xperia miro camera in the Belgrade Zoo. 4. I think that I should win because my photography represents a beautiful bird literally, but metaphorically brings up a discussion about human society and its eternal struggle for peace.

2 nd

These are the lovebirds. I have adopted them in my house. They are very beautiful. They are very friendly to eachother. This photo is taken by me in my home sweet home.

3 rd
Feeding the birds of Notre Dame

This photo was shot just outside of of Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. The birds around the cathedral are quite brave and there are nearly always tourists cheering and laughing as they feed them. This photo always reminds of the joy and happiness that comes from spending time in Paris.