TOP 10 Photos February 2018
1 st Place: V 75


1 st
v 75
morning flight

a flock of bird flying above the ground and searching for breakfast. Sun is rising above. soft fog floating around. warm tone coming from the sun. what a beautiful scenery.

2 nd
v 45
Frozen Rose

February - the last month of winter. After it day will begin to be enlarged activly, there will be even more often the sun, an intensive melting of snow will begin, streams will run. Everything that was frozen, will thaw. Together with it our hearts will surely be melted and will blossom. Waiting for spring...

3 rd
v 40

Това са два вида мишелови.Странен момент в който природата ясно ни показва доминацията.Белоопашатия мишелов е рядко наблюдавам....но тук в компанията на обикновенния мишелов искаше да му покаже своя размер и мястото му в природата.Уникален момент просто.

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Samira Dusheva


September 16, 2018 12:34 PM

Emiliqn Evdokimov

10 !

March 12, 2018 08:21 PM

ilko lewkoff

Thank you! :)

March 8, 2018 10:28 PM

Jovana Trajković

Beautiful 10

March 8, 2018 07:48 PM

Kostadin Yordanov

nice 10

March 8, 2018 05:44 PM