Art photo montage: Mix 3 elements-China, Bulgaria, InLoveWithTheWind
Total awards: 550
1 st Place: €300

Info & Rules

Organized by The Castle of Ravadinovo

The castle is Tourist Attraction # 1 in Bulgaria
Winner of a Gold and Silver Prize for Tourist attraction in A’Design Award Italy, Trip Advisor Recommended “Certificate of Excellence”
Only 35 kilometer to the south from Burgas

The construction of the Castle was inspired from a dream from the childhood - to build own magic Castle, the same as in the fairy tales. That's why nevertheless the style is so close to the similar buildings from the Renaissance and Romantic period the real name of the Castle is Magic Style. The nickname of the Castle is In love with the wind, which comes from the extremely phenomena of the nature - the sun shines only when the wind blows.

The Castle is a private project, started in 1996, when the designer draws a big cross in the field near the village of Ravadinovo, Bulgaria. At the moment the main body of the building is a huge cross-shaped building covered with the shining copper leafs. As the main construction material is Marble Limestone, the combination of the sunlight, stone's crystals and copper metal gives the incredible feelings once during the sunrise and once a day during the sunset.

The Castle is the biggest tourist attraction in Bulgaria with more than 1 million tourists every year. It's mainly for one day tourist family trips. The magic architecture of the Castle, beautiful park, swan's lake and art galleries are excellent place for numerous events and competitions. The game zone of the Castle attracts the guests with the exiting feelings for all ages.

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Dear participants, 2018 is officially announced as "Year of EU-China Integration in the field of tourism."

The Bulgarian "In Love with the Wind Castle" successfully presented Bulgaria at the...

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Target community

Graphic Designers


150 Days

Registration period

13 December 2017  -  9 January 2018

Public voting

21 December 2017  -  9 January 2018

Jury voting

21 December 2017  -  9 January 2018

Winners announced

9 January 2018

General rules

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Submission rules

1. Requirements
1.1. Download the files:
1.2. Search and download from the web BG and China official symbols
1.3. Create photo montage using the files provided and include Chinese and Bulgarian motives/symbols
1.4. Click join the contest button
1.5. Upload your media
2. Prize awards
2.1. 1st place - 300 Euro
2.2. 2nd place - 150 Euro
2.3. 3rd place - 100 Euro
3. Availability
3.1. +14 yrs old
3.2. Worldwide opened
3.3. Free to join
4. Voting
4.1. 5 jury members
4.2. 80 pts max from jury votes
4.3. 15 pts max from public votes
4.4. 5 pts max from WINGS votes

Alowed media type

  • Images

  • Texts

  • Video

  • Audio



Region: Not specified

Gender: All

Max participants: 10

No watermarks or recognizing signs are allowed.

Allowed media per user: 5+

You must be the sole owner of the copyrights.
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Lidiya Tzirkova

Благодаря :)

January 10, 2018 12:15 AM

Ivan Petrov

SUPER! 10!

January 9, 2018 11:25 PM

Iliana Mihaleva ڪے

10 Perfect!

January 9, 2018 10:56 PM

Radoslava Miladinova

10 Great!

January 9, 2018 09:00 PM

Izabela Moneva


January 9, 2018 07:41 PM