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Beautiful Nature Photo Contest
Total awards: 700
1 st Place: €400
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European Union
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Leqinat Lake, Kosovo

The breathtaking panorama photo is taken in the mountains of Rugova near to the Peja town in Kosovo.

The journey to the lake, the nature around and the beautiful views will keep you stunned and speechless, i'm saying this because it was my very first time there, given that the Leqinat lake to the mountains was not very far from my hometown... surprised what i've missed all these years. And one of my words i said to my friend was "the fields are where i go to breathe"

Arijan G. Zallqi

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Forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, wildlife. Everything about nature is beautiful and it always looks great on camera. If you've taken any pictures of it that you're proud of - why not upload them in our latest contest for a chance to win a CASH PRIZE!
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Drawing , Photography

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1 Days

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4 October 2015  -  5 October 2015

Public voting

4 October 2015  -  5 October 2015

Jury voting

4 October 2015  -  5 October 2015

Winners announced

5 October 2015

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This is a PHOTO contest and we will accept only files related to the topic "Beautiful Nature Photo Contest". The TOP 3 participants with the highest number of points at the end of the contest will get cash awards. Award: Total awards 700 Euro 1st place - 400 Euro 2nd place - 200 Euro 3rd place - 100 Euro Description recommendations for better exposure and chance to win: - Where is this place? - Why do you love it? - What camera did you use to shoot is? - Why you should win? Entry requirements: - This contest is free to enter - Photo dimensions minimum 370 x 210 pixels and not bigger than 5 MB. - You must be 14+ years old to participate in a contest - You must provide your real names, telephone number, e-mail address, age, job position and country of residence into your voubs profile configured from profile settings - Your must provide a high quality photogaphy related to the topic - You must be the owner of the copyrights for the media file - Every user may participate with as many entries as he wants to - You are not allowed to participate more than once with the same media in different VOUBS contests - Every user is allowed to win only 1 award from this contest. Relatives are not allowed to win more than 1 award from this contest. - The official language for this contest is "English". Terms and Conditions, Contest rules, Descriptions and communication with the Organisator will be through the official contest language. - We will accept contest applications from all over the world at any languages. Voting rules - There will be two rounds of voting - 1st Round - Public Vote, 2nd Round - Jury Vote. The highest ranked 30 participants from the 1st Round will qualify for the 2nd round. The winner will be the Participant with highest total score result as a sum of all points gained from Round 1 + Round 2. 1st Round - Public Vote. Each participant scores a total result as a sum of: a) 1 “share” and/or "like" in Facebook = 0.01 point; b) 1 “tweet” in Twitter = 0.01 point; c) 1 “share” in Google+ = 0.01 point; d) 1 vote by rating from 1 to 10, respectively: score 1= 1 point; score 10 = 10 points; e) 100 views = 0.1 point. f) Only registered VOUBS users are able to rate the Participants. Each user is allowed to rate only once per media. Once voted you cannot take your rate back. g) Extra Votes could be added through a promotion of any media. Buy WINGS to promote your media, gain extra votes and better exposure. 2nd Round - Jury Vote. There will be 8 jury members for this contest that will be able to vote. Each jury member will rate from 1 to 10 to his/her favourite entries. a) 1 jury vote by rating from 1 to 10, respectively: score 1= 100 point; score 10 = 1000 points; Disqualification may appear at any time if: - You are using more than one account - Your have submited a photo that is not on the theme of the contest or it is with a low quality - You are trying to cheat with fraudulent votes - You are not using your real names and personal details - Your photo has watermarks or signatures on it - You have submited similar medias more than once - You have submitted a photo with copyrights of a third party - If the sponsors of the contest decide to disqualify you for bad quality of your media file or description Duration: Registration starts from 10.08.2015 and it will close on 03.10.2015. If you register for this contest in advance your media will not be available for voting before 17th August,2015. The voting timeframe for this contest starts from 00:00 h. on 17.08.2015 and ends at 23:59 h. on 03.10.2015. The 1st round - Public voting will start from 17.08.2015 and it will close on 03.10.2015. The 2nd Round - Jury voting will start from 04.10.2015 and will end on 05.10.2015 The ranking will be visible for the last 30 days of the contest. The contest winners will be visible on 06.10.2015.

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