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Best Adventure Photo 2018
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What’s the meaning of adventure?


A dictionary would define it as unusual, daring or exciting, possibly risky activity. Ok, let’s make a list of some popular activities which society widely defines as adventures:


  • trips: going somewhere, regardless if you know where exactly or not; a new place always brings something totally new and exciting to your life;
  • rafting: you can see on the cover of this contest a photo winning our last year’s issue, it is a photo taken by Veselina Baleva. Rafting is the team efforts of paddling on rough river;
  • jet ski offers you the chance to move in water with high speed (100 km/h);
  • bungee jumping - the activity of jumping from tall structure such as bridge or skyscraper while connected to a large elastic cord;
  • drift taxi - is being in a race car the driver of which intentionally drives on the corners losing traction of the rear wheels or all of the tyres;
  • gliding - hang gliding and paragliding use different devices which offer you the ultimate feeling of really flying;
  • scuba diving - mode of underwater diving with oxygen supply so it is possible to go deep in the water;
  • surfing - using a board to stay on top of the waves;
  • ski and snowboard - sliding on two feet with high speed on snow;
  • other extreme sports.

But the real question is what is adventure for you?


It’s the real meaning of adventure the things that make you feel alive. Isn’t it going out of your nutshell, leaving your comfort zone in order to take the most extreme challenge - beating your fears. Maybe adventure for us is standing on that building in front of our home and taking photos. That’s nothing to a pro climber, but it matters that it is our adventure and nobody can take our feelings away.


Do stuff that make you keep your breath and share them with us! We will be honoured to surprise 10 of you with amazing VOUBS awards in accordance with the voting!


Wishing you lots of positive life adventures,

VOUBS team

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3 January 2019  -  2 February 2019

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2 February 2019

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