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Best Autumn Photo 2018
Total awards: 100
1 st Place: €100
1 th
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autumn falls

the old stone bridge of Palaiokarya, Trikala, Greece

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We are looking for our new winner!


Arijan G. Zallqi in 2017 set the bar quite high. As you can see on the cover of this contest page, his photo is amazing. This is the winner of ‘Best Autumn Photo 2017’.  A picture that is definitely eye-pleasing.


The leaves of the trees mix with all the colours of the rainbow. Red, yellow, orange, brown keep the warmth of the summer. But they do prepare us for the cold of the winter by their sad change.


Yes, everything is changing. Seems like all the nature is going to sleep and oblivion of it all is here. But, we in VOUBS, do not go to sleep in the fall like the bears do. Just the opposite: we fired up our ‘Best … Photo of 2018’ and here is the moment to challenge you to go out, choose the thing that you find beautiful of the autumn and make a breathtaking photo. After that, you are just a few clicks away from joining in this contest with amazing award of 100 euro for first place, for the next nine places - award of 10 WINGS is promised.

But why to join in online contests in general?



  • it is easy, everybody can do it;
  • it is super simple - just a few clicks, no need of waiting in queues to hand in papers or other tedious thing in conventional contests;
  • you can count on fair voting with VOUBS;
  • you can scout the concurrence by seeing their entries;
  • you can receive professional feedback in public.


Don’t be an egoist, share with us that photo you made in the park on the way home. Join the contest and win!


PP: Psst, fall is time of change, so who knows if it is called that way only because of the leaves that go down? Maybe it is due to all the people who fall.. in love then. Are you one of them? Would you be so kind to share a cute autumn photo of love story?


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39 Days

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11 October 2018  -  19 November 2018

Public voting

20 October 2018  -  19 November 2018

Jury voting

20 October 2018  -  19 November 2018

Winners announced

19 November 2018

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