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Best Eyes Photo 2019
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Egyptian Portrait

Egyptian old man portrait.

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The mirror of the soul!


Have you ever felt like you are a poet when seeing someone’s eyes? So inspiring and understanding eyes where you can see your own reflexion the way you want it to be see? Eyes that do not criticise you, that are warm and welcoming for you and mostly supportive.


Or have you ever admired the beauty of the cold eyes of a person who seems so heartless and yet you know he is obliged to be this way in order to take the tough decisions in life.


Last year the Brown Eyes of photographer Azim Khan Roonie (cover photo)  won our contest. Maybe this year to win is turn to:

  • green cat eyes;
  • navy blue eyes;
  • mist gray eyes;
  • or once more hazelnut eyes.

We are certain that regardless the colour, it is the soul that photographer should try to show on the picture - loving, aching, curious, etc..


So show us the most perfect picture you can make, share with us a soul that is mysterious and beautiful.

Two beautiful eyes


As we find that no further explanation of this beautiful contest topic is needed, we just want to share or remind an amazing Bulgarian poem by Peyo Yavorov.


Two beautiful eyes. The soul of a child

In two beautiful eyes – music, rays.

They don’t want and they don’t promise…

My soul is praying,


My soul is praying!


Passions and miseries

Will throw tomorrow upon them

The veil of shame and sin

The veil of shame and sin

Will not throw upon them

Passions and miseries.


My soul is praying,


My soul is praying…

They don’t want and don’t promise!

Two beautiful eyes. Music, rays.

In two beautiful eyes. The soul of a child...


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40 Days

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12 January 2019  -  21 February 2019

Public voting

22 January 2019  -  21 February 2019

Jury voting

22 January 2019  -  21 February 2019

Winners announced

21 February 2019

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