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Best Flower Photo 2018
Total awards: 100
1 st Place: €100
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What’s the meaning of flowers?


The flowers are the natural crown of the earth. Each flower has its own arrangement of petals and its specific colour. They all have their unique meanings. Be careful which ones you offer to somebody because your gesture might be misunderstood. We short-listed some of favourite flowers and their symbolism:


  • Red roses are the symbol of love;
  • White roses - of chastity;
  • Pink roses- admiration & joy;
  • Yellow roses -  friendship;
  • Lilac is confidence;
  • Sunflower - dedication;
  • Tulip - declaration of love;
  • Peony - bashfulness;
  • Hiacynth - playfulness;
  • Gerbera - cheerfulness;
  • Gladiolus - strength of character;
  • Daisy - purity;
  • Calla Lily - magnificence and beauty;
  • White Lily - modesty;
  • Orange Lily - passion;
  • Lily of the Valley - purity of heart.


Which one you would like to gift?


Well, we don’t know of a woman who would not be extremely touched when you surprise her with flowers. Another hint besides of taking care of the meanings: give her a bouquet for no reason, not only for overrated celebrations but for the Wednesday because she would  smile at you and make the long week possible to be survived!


Which flower is your favourite? Which one you would like to gift? What is your mood? Or perhaps you have visited amazing castle with gardens looking like as if in fairytale? Or maybe your grandma has a village garden? Show us good photos by joining our contest!


We, from VOUBS, thank you in advance for the beautiful gifts of flowers you would make for us by submitting photos in our contest. We, in return, have decided to gift 100 euro in return for the Best Flower Photo!


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39 Days

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26 October 2018  -  4 December 2018

Public voting

4 November 2018  -  4 December 2018

Jury voting

4 November 2018  -  4 December 2018

Winners announced

4 December 2018

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