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Best Model Photo 2018
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The catwalk


Left foot is a bit back and the right foot forward, not entirely touching the ground. The heel is into the instep of the left foot and the knee is facing literally out to the left. This is the basic model stance. Sounds easy, ah? But is it?


And then there is the catwalk.That lightness of movement like a divine creature. And that sexappeal of the hip roll. Not many can achieve it!


Gigi Hadid, one of the most popular models in the last years, explains: “Have you ever seen a cheetah walk? Everything moves together,”


Question is: are you able to capture that moment of movement of the model?


Or would you be able to make an amazing photo session with a model?

Here are some ideas for places where you can take your beautiful model to:

  • seaside - ok, now it might be a bit cold, so be careful that your model is not freezing to death and he/she is capable of giving the best he’s/ she’s got;
  • wallpaper - classic! just choose one colour wallpaper as in a photo studio. Everybody loves that kind of photos;
  • decorated place - if your model is a kid, why wouldn’t you bring some toys; if it is Christmas time - how about a tree?;
  • old building - what a lovely idea is to have vintage photos;
  • garden - park in the middle of nowhere and choose the place with the most flowers - it will be also soooo lovely.


Regardless the place where you take your pictures, it is the feelings and the features of the model that you need to catch. You need to make him or her look like a dangerous cat walking or not.


We, in VOUBS, are waiting for your Best Model Photos 2018. Awards for the TOP 10 are guaranteed.


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Amateur Photography , Modeling

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39 Days

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30 November 2018  -  8 January 2019

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9 December 2018  -  8 January 2019

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9 December 2018  -  8 January 2019

Winners announced

8 January 2019

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