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Best Mountain Photo 2019
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Green night

Kirkjufell mountain at Northern lights- Iceland

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In this contest we are looking for the best mountain photo of 2019!


So, let us give you a brief geography lesson with interesting or must-know facts about mountains:


  1. The highest peak in the world is Mount Everest in Himalayas mountain the middle of which represents a natural border between Nepali and China (Tibet Autonomus Region). Its height is the enormous 8848m;
  2. The longest mountain range in the world are the Andeas or the so called Andean Mountains with the astonishing length of 7 000 kms. The Andeas crawl through 7 South American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. The world well-known civilization of Incas built their cities in the Andeas in 15th century. Many years the Andeas hid Machu Picchu, Inca citadel, on a peak on the eastern edge until it was discovered in 1911;
  3. The Europeans Top is Elbrus peak in Caucas Range, in Russia of 5 642m. There are supportatives of the thesis that Elbrus is more in Asia and the Europeans highest peak is Mont Blanc in the Alps;
  4. The most dangerous mountain to climb in the world is Annapurna, in Nelpali. It is the 10th in the world in the classation of height but all the avalanches of the mountain have allowed to as little as 191 people to reach the summit since 1950. Unfortunately other 63 have died trying.


Ok, we are not sending you there. Unless you want to!


We are looking for a breathtaking view of a mountain.


Maybe you are a student in the capital of Bulgaria, not a pro photographer, just an amateur. Why don’t you go out on a balcony and take some amazing shots of Vitosha?


Or maybe you are the type of person who does not fancy big cities or loud beaches to spend his vacation days. We would be glad if you take some shots capturing the serenity of a mountain.


And dear climber, we think this contest is your place! We have heard that the most beautiful views are after many efforts. Would you show us what many people do not dare to do? Would you inspire others by some of your shots?


Just don’t hesitate to join in this VOUBS contest. Maybe this peak will be conquered by you!


PP: The lovely contest cover is the winning photo of Best Mountain Photo 2018 made by Ico Tepavicharov in Central Balkan.


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17 February 2019

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