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Best People Photography
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Оne of the most interesting things to take pictures of.

Yes, certainly that’s a person or a group of people. Not only because each and every different person is a different challenge but they bring to your camera surprise. Always a new thing to catch, always a new thrill to try to memorize, always a new way of sparkle.

There are 2 main categories of People Photos:

  1. Candid: Photos where people are not posing. They do what they have to do. They are on the move, on their topic, they are doing their job and ignore the camera. These photos are natural and they catch the moment and the beauty of the person in his act. Will on the picture be the hands of the grandma preparing the bread or the person repairing a machine or the little kid petting his dog.
  2. Portrait: People do stay in front of the camera. They are the models, they express and show specific emotion and it is the photographer’s role to take it out of them and to capture it.


The devil is in the detail:

When taking photos of people, it is extremely important to be able to emphasize every detail.

It is the small wrinkle on the forehead.

Or it is the sweaty skin of the hard-working person.

Maybe the soft touch of the woman.

Oh, those eyes!

Be very careful about the eyes. They, for real are the mirror of the soul. If you miss to capture the right angle of the look of the person, most probably your photo will fail.

Don’t hesitate even for a moment! Join in just by a few clicks!

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People Photography

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47 Days

Registration period

14 December 2020  -  26 January 2021

Public voting

14 December 2020  -  26 January 2021

Jury voting

27 January 2021  -  29 January 2021

Winners announced

30 January 2021

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Region: Not specified

Gender: All

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Allowed media per user: 4

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