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Best Pet Photo 2019
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Dog-lover, cat person, or…?


Have you ever taken up the responsibility for taking care of someone who cannot say a word but yet he/she speaks directly to your heart? Have you ever found solace in 2 understanding eyes? Or in bref: do you  have a pet?


If the answer to the question above is yes, then this is your contest! Here we are trying to collect lovely moments of the lives of our pets.


Maybe you are a dog-lover and you take shots of your clever dog fetching things and giving you a paw? The dog is said to be better friend to the people even then other people. Prove it! He is most probably showing affection to you so expressively like jumping on you or running around you. How lovely models dogs are!


Or maybe you have a playful kitty-cat? He/ she adores cuddling we suppose, although there are some grumpy representatives who would not let you even touch them. It would be curious to understand if cats do really feel a person’s pain and try to relieve it


Maybe you have a bunny! A cute little jumping rabbit using your furniture to sharpen his front teeth. We have heard that bunnies suit perfectly little kids for being their pets.


Well, maybe you are into something more exocitic so you like reptiles. Are turtles so slow as we expect them? Or are snakes so brutal as we think of them?


Here are some reasons to share photo of your pet:

  • animal-owners can teach one another - if your pet can do something, and you know the way to teach him/ her, why not to share it with others;
  • pets are always moving so it is a challenging type of photo that you need to take;
  • your pet can make you proud of him once more!


The cover photo of this contest is the winning photo of its last year’s issue “Police Dog” taken by Azim Khan Roonie.


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39 Days

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27 January 2019  -  7 March 2019

Public voting

5 February 2019  -  7 March 2019

Jury voting

5 February 2019  -  7 March 2019

Winners announced

7 March 2019

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