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Best Smile Photo 2019
Total awards: 100
1 st Place: €100
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Some coastal children are enjoying their happiness by playing in the sea where they are raised.

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Beauty of the smile


Study shows that people are much more beautiful when they smile. And that is undeniable fact. But why?!

There are many simple explanations:

  • it breaks the ice;
  • encourages;
  • warms up the hearts;
  • welcomes;
  • shows positive thinking;
  • cuts the distance;
  • proves affection;
  • makes people enjoy life more.


Our last year’s winner of this contest Kostadin Yordanov rightfully named his winning photo ‘Smiles - seeds of happiness’. It is the good mood that attracts other brightness in your life as we need to be open and smiley for the best that is yet to come. You can enjoy once more his piece of art on the contest page capturing one of the most innocent and pure things in the world - the smiles of children.

Why to participate in this VOUBS contest?


Not only we have experience about it, not only it is enjoyable topic but we promise you to make it smile all the way through the process of participation. We will gladly greet you, if you don’t have a registered profile, we will openly and happily accept you and give you the opportunity to be part of huge community of creative people. You will be welcomed to join in the contest absolutely for free. We will also provide you with the smile of adrenaline for the winning some real good awards.


Most importantly

There are many pretty things in life that deserve a smile! A day without a smile is a lost day!

Just don’t forget that smile is the step to falling in love every single day. Again and again. Unconditionally! Because there is nothing better than making your loved ones feel happy and it is the smile on your face that attracts them more and more.


Don’t hesitate, participate with a photo of charming smile!

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40 Days

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20 January 2019  -  1 March 2019

Public voting

30 January 2019  -  1 March 2019

Jury voting

30 January 2019  -  1 March 2019

Winners announced

1 March 2019

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