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Best Spring Photo 2018
Total awards: 100
1 st Place: €100
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  • Provocative
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Info & Rules

Contest info


It is the spring!


It is the rebirth of nature. It is the start of something new. It is the freshness of air. And the beauty of the hope of something better. It is the end of the frost. What is best about it, it is time for fresh start for the people too. Leo Tolstoy, in his novel ‘Anna Karenina’ states:

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”


And his British coeval Mark Twain makes one more romantic description of what spring means to the souls of people: “It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want—oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”


So is it in the green leaves? Is it in the blossoming flowers? Or in their scent? Is it in the fields of tulips with autering colours - none is the same like its neighbour. Or maybe in the song of the joyful little birds?

But why should you take part?


There are multiple reasons not to sit back but to take the initiative, go through your photos and choose to join in our contest.


  1. The only thing you need for joining in ‘Best Spring Photo 2018’ our contest is a registration in VOUBS. And to become our user only takes 2-3 minutes;
  2. There is no entry fee: you only need to click a few buttons once you have already chosen which picture of yours you will use. You do not pay for anything. And you know, in Bulgarian there is a proverb “Testing does not bring you headache”;
  3. We offer an appealing award for winner - 100 euro! You can make a small spring trip with them to thank the beauty of nature!;
  4. Nine of the registered photos will bring to their authors award of 10 WINGS;
  5. You will stand the chance have some spring moments a bit earlier;
  6. You will get a dose of excitement by hoping that you will be the best spring photographer of 2018.


We wish you good luck and we wait for your photos!


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Target community



39 Days

Registration period

21 October 2018  -  29 November 2018

Public voting

30 October 2018  -  29 November 2018

Jury voting

30 October 2018  -  29 November 2018

Winners announced

29 November 2018

General rules

These General rules (hereinafter referred to as the GENERAL RULES) for participation in VOUBS contests, settle the terms and conditions for participation in any contest organized through VOUBS. If there are any additional rules specified by the Organizer of the contest they are written in the field "Additional rules" and they are valid first and with an advantage to the General rules.
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Region: Not specified

Gender: All

Max participants: 100000

No watermarks or recognizing signs are allowed.

Allowed media per user: 4

You must be the sole owner of the copyrights.