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Best Travel Photo 2018
Total awards: 100
1 st Place: €100
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Travel is an essential part of human’s life.

Traveling is how we discover new places which give us valuable experience of other cultures, traditions and rituals that there is no other way of gaining. Every next trip we take is making us more and more open-minded person.


We do get to know different lifestyles regardless if we travel in our own country and hear the dialect of other areas or if we go another continent. We get to know ourselves much better.  We understand that we have & we develop skills and instincts we did not suspect of.

And life is all about experience.

  • climb that mountain peak!
  • jump in the deep water!
  • make a bouquet of those wild flowers!
  • taste that spicy food!
  • drink that strong liquor!
  • & don’t forget to take a picture and to join in this contest

People travel for the thrill of change!

Travel the world is the ultimate dream of so many people. Let’s not forget that once all of our ancestors were nomads. Even now, thanks to the online technologies more and more people go back to this lifestyle by taking remote jobs. And again thanks to the internet, we do have the chance of organizing an online contest for travel photos which:

  • is here to fascinate everybody with photos of amazing & distant places;
  • is to reward the best photographer who participates with 100 euro;
  • is about to give 10 WINGS for the next 9 best photos;
  • is here to remind each of us for that amazing vacation we will never forget;


And once the bug of travel has stung you, there is no cure: travel remains passion for life. Share with us either your craziest moments in the wild or your passionate photos of heavenly beautiful places with breathtaking views. Or maybe best part of the trip for you is the same like like us - end of the travel, coming back home at your place to your family and that warm long hug waiting you.


PP: If you don’t have the best photo for this contest, maybe you should go somewhere, take your time and make some amazing shots of the place you have always wanted to go to.  


The cover photo is by Azim Khan Ronnie, the winner of this contest of 2017.


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40 Days

Registration period

26 September 2018  -  5 November 2018

Public voting

5 October 2018  -  5 November 2018

Jury voting

5 October 2018  -  5 November 2018

Winners announced

5 November 2018

General rules

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Region: Not specified

Gender: All

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Allowed media per user: 4

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