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Best Waterfall Photo 2018
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The Highest Waterfalls


Do you know which are the highest waterfalls in the world? The TOP 1 certainly are Angel Falls in Venezuela, South America, with the magnificent height of 979 meters! Imagine a waterfall nearly 1 kilometer. WOW, right?! The second in line about height are Tugela Falls - which unlike Angel Falls, are on another  continent - Africa. Last century it was discovered that they are 949 m high but 2 years ago a Czech scientist measured them 983m which makes it questionable whether they are the TOP of the world about waterfalls.

The Beauty of Waterfalls

It is not the height the most important feature that makes a waterfall well renown but the beauty. Who have not heard of Victoria falls in Zambia with its mysterious mist all around.


Or Niagara Falls with its three famous parts The Horseshoe ( in Canada), The Bridal Veil and the American Falls ( in USA)? One of the most famous Bulgarian authors of 19th century describes in its novel “To Chicago and back”: “.... Niagara Falls! Here at last!!... It took many minutes until we came to ourselves! All observers stood benumbed as in a tableau vivant! Everybody's face bore an imprint of infinite awe! All faces were serious, slightly pale and as if frozen! As if they were standing not before God's creation, but before God himself!... If anyone can describe this picture, please describe it; if anyone can photograph or paint it, please do so!... I cannot.“


Aleko Konstantinov gave a challenge - to the most amazing picture of Niagara Falls, but we, from VOUBS would love to travel anywhere in the world so we ask you to register photos of any waterfall you have been to.


And why in VOUBS?


  • because you show a beautiful picture to the world and you might get noticed by your work;
  • we guarantee you fair and crystal clear voting system;
  • we have prepared award of 100 euro for the first place;
  • because you might not jump into a huge waterfall as it is totally risky but you do deserve the thrill of being in a competition!


We dare you to join in and to complete the challenge!


PP: The 3 pictures of the contest cover are the TOP 3 of our last year's issue:

1st place) Waterfall in Slovak Central Mountain by Simon Slavik;

2nd place) Godafoss, North Ireland by Genadi Donchev;

3rd place) Dynjandi waterfall, Iceland by Peter Svoboda.

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6 September 2018  -  15 October 2018

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15 September 2018  -  15 October 2018

Jury voting

15 September 2018  -  15 October 2018

Winners announced

15 October 2018

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