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Best Yellow & Orange Photo 2018
Total awards: 100
1 st Place: €100
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Orange harmony

Iranian wive

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It’s autumn!


Trees are losing their so called clothes. We are walking on carpets of summer memories as the leaves are falling one after another spreading the yellow and orange nuance after the kisses of the sun to those guilty of providing us oxygen.


Mentioning the sun, isn’t it beautiful when its rays are melanging on the edge of the world, looking like fire in the sky with yellow-orange flames at the end of the day. Let’s take a look at the business lady who finished work exactly at that time of the day - at sunset. We cannot be blind about her taste of fashion with the yellow shirt and orange lipstick walking down the park alley with her brown leather high heels.


Maybe it is already time to put some buns in the fireplace and watch the fire alter its flames? How lovely those moments are?!


And how lovely, lovely yellow and orange can be! Psychologically thinking, orange brings around warmth and energy. It stimulates activity and appetite. But it is actually the yellow the colour with the most associations for majority of people. It encourages communication and memory but it also means ‘caution!’. It is the colour of happiness and we highlight with it.


Certainly, yellow is joy!

So yellow is both ‘joy! and ‘attention!’. How controversial?! But one thing is certain: we do adore it when it is the companion of the black, especially in the VOUBS website theme. That’s the one reason why you should join in ‘Yellow & Orange Photo Contest’ exactly in VOUBS. And some more:

  • we offer you amazing award of 100 euro;
  • all our hundreds thousands of users will enjoy your work;
  • we have experience with this contest and last year Moni Mateva set you amazing example with her beautiful yellow and orange landscape which you can see on the cover.


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39 Days

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5 November 2018  -  14 December 2018

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14 November 2018  -  14 December 2018

Jury voting

14 November 2018  -  14 December 2018

Winners announced

14 December 2018

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