Blue summer
Total awards: 117
1 st Place: €117

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Organized by Famozzo Group

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SUMMER CHALLENGE FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS "Blue Summer" is a contest suitable for everyone with passion for photography. Blue sea and sun, attracted like a magnet in the unforgettable summer days. Everyone wants to capture and preserve memories, from unnoticeably elapsing time of entertainment. TEMPTATION IN BLUE Main theme of the competition is the blue color in summer. Objects in your focus could be - sea, sky and seascapes; houses, campsites and virgin beaches; Summer clothing, accessories, everything related to the summer and blue. Participate with original photos, and we from VOUBS promise you awards. PARTICIPATE AND WIN THE AWESOME 100 EUROS The organizer Famozzo Group Ltd., guarantees a prize pool of € 100 euros. Any registered user, may participate by paying an entry fee of 10 Wings. 50% of the collected entry fees or exactly 5 WINGS, will accumulate in additional prize money over secured € 100. Wondering what is WINGS and how much will it cost you? 1WINGS equals € 0.32, which means that each allowed to participate, will add € 1.6 euro to guaranteed prize pool. Those of you, who won the highest overall score will receive, a € 100 cash prize, plus 50% of the entry fees, received by all participants. Ranked from 2nd to 10th position will receive 10 WINGS, as an encouragement award in his account. To participate, you must have in your wallet at least 10 WINGS (at a price of € 4.80) for each photo. VOUBS operates its own virtual currency WINGS, which is added to your online wallet and through it you pay the entry fees to participate. How you can purchase from the virtual currency? This is done through PayPal and ePay. An important condition without which competition cannot begin, is to have at least two registered participants in it. Voting and determination of the winners will be by a jury in a team of three people. 75% is the maximum score that can achieve each participant. Registration starts on 29.08.2016 and ends on 03.10.2016. Voting of the media will begin on 05.09.2016 and will end on 10.10.2016. The winner and final ranking will be announced online. The ranking and results sent to participate photos will be visible throughout the contest. Why to choose VOUBS? This is the place where, while having fun, you can win cash prizes, great products and virtual currency WINGS. But that's not all. Here every registered user can create their own contests and to offer prizes in all disciplines. Organizer and owner of the site and the brand is Famozzo Group Ltd.
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Not specified




Photography , Holiday , Travel

Target community


45 Days

Registration period

29 August 2016  -  3 October 2016

Public voting

5 September 2016  -  10 October 2016

Jury voting

5 September 2016  -  10 October 2016

Winners announced

10 October 2016

General rules

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Submission rules

Alowed media type

  • Images

  • Texts

  • Video

  • Audio



Region: Not specified

Gender: All

Max participants: 11111

No watermarks or recognizing signs are allowed.

Allowed media per user: 5+

You must be the sole owner of the copyrights.


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Arijan Zallqi

Congratulations Milan

October 11, 2016 08:10 AM

Diana Terzieva

This photo just carries me away! The...

October 10, 2016 10:48 PM

Δημήτρης Γιαννακόπουλος

Thank you Vasko, I appriciate.

October 10, 2016 02:57 PM

Milan Ljubisavljević

thank you Vasko

October 10, 2016 12:16 PM

Polona Kumelj

10 ;)

October 9, 2016 06:48 PM