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Organized by Lora Kasabova

I’m  a freelance creative writer, author, editor, digital artist, hobby photographer, who was born & chose to live in Bulgaria. 
Creativity for me is a harbor, but also a ship,  a ship that helps me with magical ease to cross seas and oceans and reach out to people wherever in the world their dreams have  taken them: make them smile, "touch", excite, inspire, motivate,  soothe, and make them think...
Whatever happens during this trip called LIFE, first of all, I'm trying to be a good person. I am glad that I found a wonderful teacher in the face of volunteering. One day, when I turn back, I want to know that following my life path, I was a light for one totally unknown person, a light, that  had appeared in a difficult moment in their life, helped them overcome and find the way back to themselves. 
I am extremely  happy when bits of kindness, which we succeeed to give in a team with people who were complete strangers until a few days ago, in the spirit of PARTNERSHIP, get clear outlines for someone in need, transforming into love, support, care, wing, embrace,  smile, sun, flower, bird ...

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Сдружение  „За Теб” е неправителствена организация, регистрирана по българското законодателство  с мисия  да работи в подкрепа на хора в неравностойно социално положение.

Социална арт работилница „ Закачки-занимавки ”  е една от инициативите му.


Работилничката е  създадена пред м.февруари 2011 г.  под формата на работилница за бижута  в помощ на младежи с увреждания.

Доброволци се грижат за спокойното и успешно провеждане на заниманията, които се провеждат  два пъти седмично.  Целта на последно споменатите е да ангажира и осмисли свободното време на младежите , да развие у тях различни социални и артистични умения, да им осигури едно специално място за забавление, творчество, комуникация с връстници, споделяне на вълнения и мечти и може би най-важно – да им помогне да  преодолеят   изолацията, в която много от хората с увреждания са поставени.


 самосъхнеща глина ;  боички за глина ; боички и контури за стъкло ; всякакви предмети и фигурки за декупаж и декорация ; акрилни боички,  лак и лепило за декупаж ; напукващи се и    състаряващи бои


***  Банкова сметка в лева:

          Първа Инвестиционна Банка  

          IBAN: BG13FINV91501204080583

          Сдружение ' ЗА ТЕБ'


                                                  ☼☼☼  ☼☼☼  ☼☼☼

The "For you" assosiation is a non profit establishment, registered in Bulgaria, whose mission is to provide support to socially disabled persons.

One of its initiatives is the social work shop "Zakachki-Zanimavki".


The small workshop was founded in February of 2011 and it started as a jewelry workshop, supporting young people with disabilities.
Volunteers are making sure that all activities are successufully undergoing in a calm,
friendly athmosphere twice a week.

The purpose of that is to motivate young people to think, to be creative, to learn how to make the most out of their free time, to develop social and artistic skills, to be in a very special place to have fun, create, talk and share their dreams with other like minded fellow students, and most importantly-to help them overcome the isolation, surrounding many people with disabilities.

Take part in the
“FOR YOU,KID” contest by sending your topic drawing interpretation  and your entrance fee will be transfered directly into the organization's bank account *** and will be used to purchase different craft materials such as:

         Self-drying clay /  Clay paints /   Paints and contours for glass /

   Acrylic paints  / Any items and figures for decoupage and decoration /

    Decoupage lacquer and glue /  Cracking and aging paints


***  Bank account in BGN
          First Investment Bank
          IBAN: BG13FINV91501204080583
          Association 'For You'

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16 September 2018  -  28 November 2018

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16 September 2018  -  30 November 2018

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26 October 2018  -  30 November 2018

Winners announced

30 November 2018

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