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“If I was a logo” design contest
Total awards: 163
1 st Place: €163
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European Union
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Arijan Zallqi Photography

Arijan Zallqi Photography - wings holding the lens.

Arijan G. Zallqi

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Info & Rules

Contest info


The contest “If I was a logo” is open to registered participants, who wish to present their original projects in front of our audience.

Participate with your best projects

The logos are either fully graphic (symbols or icons) or with an accompanying text integrated as part of the logo.

Logo design is an important area of graphic design application. The graphic design of the logo is part of the product, brand or organization with which we transmit certain values that must be clearly understood by consumers.

The logo design profession has grown significantly in numbers over the years, since the rise of the Modernist movement in the United States in the 1950s. 

Three designers are regarded as pioneers of this movement and logo design and corporate identity. Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv have created a large number of iconic logos such as the Chase Bank, Mobil Oil, PBS, NBC, National Geographic, and others.

Another pioneer was Paul Rand, one of the authors of the Swiss style of graphic design. He designed many posters and corporate identities, including the famous logos of IBM, UPS, and ABC. Saul Bass, the third legendary designer, was responsible for several major logos, including both the Bell Telephone logo and its successor, the AT&T Corporation globe.

Color is a key element in the logo design and plays an important role in differentiating the brand. The importance of color in this context is due to the mechanics of human visual perception, where color and contrast play an important role for visual detection of detail. While color is considered important for recognition of the brand and logo design, it should not be in conflict with the functionality of the logo.

Steps in logo design process include: research; conceptualization; investigation of alternative candidates; refinement of a chosen design; testing; adoption and production of the chosen mark.

How can you take part and win?

Registered users may participate by paying a fee of 5 WINGS. The organizer provides a guaranteed prize fund of €150. 50% of collected fees, or 2.5 WINGS, will be put in an additional prize money fund, on top of the secure €150 fund. 1 unit of virtual currency WINGS is equivalent to €0.32, which means that each participant will add €0.80 to the prize fund.

The designer must be the author of the media with which they participate. The company’s message can be of any kind. The design can be made previously or specifically for the contest. In the description participants may add a website of the company, for which the design was created. To enter the contest, you must own the copyrights of the design.

The quality of the media is very important (image, design, video and other). They must correspond exactly to the title of the topic. The jury will evaluate and vote for the entry that best represents the idea of the contest. Detailed description, originality of composition and technique of drawing will also be important in the evaluation of your media.

What is WINGS?

The competition starts when there are at least 2 registered participants. To take part, you must have in your wallet for your registration 5 or more WINGS (at a price of €2.40) for each media.

VOUBS works with virtual currency that is purchased and added to the users’ online portfolio and through which they pay entry fees to participate. How to buy WINGS virtual currency? Very easy – through PayPal and ePay.

Prizes for the winners

The winner with the highest overall score receives €150, plus 50% of the entry fees from the participants. Users ranked from 2nd to 10th place will receive 10 WINGS as an encouragement award in their accounts.

The vote and determination of the winners will be held by a jury team of 3 people. The highest score each participant can reach is 75%. Registration starts on 29.03.2017 and ends on 09.05.2017. Voting will start on 05.04.2017 and end on 12.05.2017.

Winners will be announced online on our website. The results and standings can be monitored in the last 7 days of the contest.

Why Choose VOUBS?

The platform is a place where, while having fun and developing your talents, you can win money prizes, products or WINGS virtual currency. VOUBS gives you new opportunities. Here each registered user can create their own projects and offer awards in all existing disciplines. The organizer and owner of the site and brand is Famozzo Group Ltd.

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Drawing , Graphic Design

Target community


44 Days

Registration period

29 March 2017  -  9 May 2017

Public voting

5 April 2017  -  12 May 2017

Jury voting

5 April 2017  -  12 May 2017

Winners announced

12 May 2017

General rules

These General rules (hereinafter referred to as the GENERAL RULES) for participation in VOUBS contests, settle the terms and conditions for participation in any contest organized through VOUBS. If there are any additional rules specified by the Organizer of the contest they are written in the field "Additional rules" and they are valid first and with an advantage to the General rules.
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Submission rules



Alowed media type

  • file

  • Txt

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Region: Not specified

Gender: All

Max participants: 11111

No watermarks or recognizing signs are allowed.

Allowed media per user: 5+

You must be the sole owner of the copyrights.