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Nostalgia Photography
Total awards: 250
1 st Place: €250
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Ретро радио ,, Мелодия 2,,

Представям ви ретро радио ,, Мелодия 2,,, Произведено в България през 1960г.

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Some of the things we used in the past and grew up with are slowly disappearing due to the rise of new technologies. Upload your photo which shows objects that you used in the past and are now replaced by modern technologies. Examples: typing machine, rotary phone, analog TV, radio, cassette and sth. The photo must be in high quality and with an artistic touch which will bring nostalgic feeling.
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49 Days

Registration period

10 April 2016  -  24 May 2016

Public voting

17 April 2016  -  29 May 2016

Jury voting

17 April 2016  -  29 May 2016

Winners announced

29 May 2016

General rules

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Submission rules

At this contest we will accept only participants with files related to the topic "Nostalgia Photography" Contest winner with the highest total score will be paid: 1st place - 250 Euro From 2nd to 20th place every qualified contestant will receive encouraging 10 WINGS added to his account at VOUBS No Entry Fee. Entry requirements: - You must be the author and sole owner of the copyrights. You are allowed to use watermarks to protect your image copyrights from downloads. - You must participate with a high quality media file - You must be 14+ years old to participate in a contest - You must provide your real names, telephone number, e-mail address, age, job position and country of residence into your voubs profile configured from profile settings - Every user may participate with more than one entry - You are not allowed to participate with the same media in different VOUBS contests - The official language for this contest is "English". Terms and Conditions, Contest rules, Descriptions and communication with the Organizer will be through the official contest language. - We will accept contest applications from all over the world at any languages. Voting rules. The winner will be the participant with the highest total score result as a sum from public votes, jury votes and extra votes. Public Votes: a) 1 “share” and/or "like" in Facebook = 0.01 point; b) 1 vote by rating from 1 to 10, respectively: score 1= 1 point; score 10 = 10 points; Only registered VOUBS users are able to rate the Participants. Each user is allowed to rate only once per media. Once voted you cannot take your rate back. c) 100 views = 0.1 point. Jury Votes: a) Each jury member will rate from 1 to 10 to his/her favourite entries. b) 1 jury vote by rating from 1 to 10, respectively: score 1= 1000 point; score 10 = 10000 points; c) There will be 8 jury members for this contest that will be able to vote. d) The jury will vote only for their favorites. e) The jury will evaluate and vote for the greatest looking, original composition, highest quality newborn baby photography, image or picture. F) The jury may vote at any time during the contest voting period. Extra Votes: a) Mini booster = 3x10 user ratings = 30 pts (5 WINGS) b) Best offer = 18x10 user ratings = 180 pts (20 WINGS) c) Mega offer = 90x10 user ratings = 900 pts (80 WINGS) d) Any user may decide to give extra votes and to promote other participants as well as himself too Votes may be erased from your media at any time if: - We have deleted, blocked and banned fake registered profiles who have voted for your media (This is an automatic process and is not a subject to any appeals). Disqualification may appear at any time if: - You are using more than one account - Your have submitted a photo that is not on the theme of the contest or it is with a low quality - If fake accounts are registered to vote for your media - You are not using your real names and personal details - You have submitted a photo with copyrights of a third party - If the organizer or the sponsor of the contest takes a decision to disqualify you - Disqualification is not a subject to any appeals Important dates: Registrations for this CONTEST starts from 00:00 h on 10.04.2016 to 23:59 on 24.05.2016 If you register for this contest in advance your media will not be available for voting before 17th April,2016. The voting time frame for this contest starts from 00:00 h. on 17.04.2016 and ends at 23:59 h. on 29.05.2016. The ranking and total score results will be visible for the last 5 days of the competition. The contest winner and final rankings will be visible on 29.05.2016.

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Region: Not specified

Gender: All

Max participants: 2222

No watermarks or recognizing signs are allowed.

Allowed media per user: 5+

You must be the sole owner of the copyrights.