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1 st Place: V 100

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Enter our design contest competition & win award. Click to join design contest & get awarded with best graphic design competition. Have you ever designed something that you love it so much but you`ve never sell it or use it. This is your chance to enliven your art work and win this contest. Upload your own design of anything unpublished. We will pay "wings' awards to the best entries and who knows maybe a buyer will show up soon for your great work?
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82 Days

Registration period

10 December 2015  -  29 February 2016

Public voting

13 December 2015  -  29 February 2016

Jury voting

13 December 2015  -  29 February 2016

Winners announced

1 March 2016

General rules

These General rules (hereinafter referred to as the GENERAL RULES) for participation in VOUBS contests, settle the terms and conditions for participation in any contest organized through VOUBS. If there are any additional rules specified by the Organizer of the contest they are written in the field "Additional rules" and they are valid first and with an advantage to the General rules.
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Submission rules

Participate with your own design art work. You will keep all the copyrights and by uploading any designs at this contest.

Alowed media type

  • Images

  • Texts

  • Video

  • Audio



Region: Not specified

Gender: All

Max participants: 2222

No watermarks or recognizing signs are allowed.

Allowed media per user: 5+

You must be the sole owner of the copyrights.


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March 10, 2016 10:19 AM

Hariyanto Gareta

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February 29, 2016 11:41 PM