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Bangladesh is small beautiful country. It has many natural beauties. Bangladesh has actually three season i.e pre-monsoon, rainy monsoon and winter season. But Bangladesh has traditionally six seasons i.e summer (Grisma), rainy (Barsa), autumn (Sarat), late autumn (Hemonta), winter (Shhit), spring (Basanta) each season staying normally two months. This season is the winter (November to February) season in Bangladesh. 

This season in the country cold air follows, sometime temperature level decreasing up to 3°C to 4°C and generally average temperature of here in winter is 10°C to 20°C.January is generally coldest month of the season. Winter season are very nice, enjoyable season, it is also very dry season in Bangladesh. In Spring season total rainfall is low other than all season. Day time is shorter than night. This season every morning you see a foggy weather, sunlight cannot get early morning.

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31 December 2016  -  31 January 2017

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1 January 2017  -  28 February 2017

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1 January 2017  -  28 February 2017

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28 February 2017

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