• Sunsets Photo Contest
    Organized by Halla Photo Contests.
    Read contest description and competition rules carefully!
    SUNSETS photo contest. Show us the best part of nature and win prizes from us. Photos of beautiful sunsets. Whether it's a photo of a beach sunset or a lifestyle...
  • Marumi 3rd Photo Contest
    Organized by Marumi .
    Read contest description and competition rules carefully!
    Marumi Photo Contest is a newly launched international photography project. Our goal is to interact with photographers worldwide and give them opportunities to...
  • The Popular Portrait Photo...
    Organized by Digital Popular photo Magazine .
    Read contest description and competition rules carefully!
    Popular Photo's Most popular portrait photo contest. We are calling for portrait photos in any genre. The pure and unique photographic vision of yours in any form and...
  • FIBA Photo Contest 2018
    Organized by International Basketball Foundation.
    Read contest description and competition rules carefully!
    The Contest will be a unique opportunity for all keen photographers and basketball lovers to show their talents
    Organized by Nikon’s Small World .
    Read contest description and competition rules carefully!
    The Nikon International Small World Competition first began in 1975 as a means to recognize and applaud the efforts of those involved with photography through the...
  • 2018 Moran Contemporary Photographic...
    Organized by The Moran Arts Foundation .
    Read contest description and competition rules carefully!
    Established in 2007, the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize (MCPP) is a national competition that awards and promotes Australian contemporary photography and...
  • Fabulously French
    Organized by Coinaphoto.
    Read contest description and competition rules carefully!
    Theme: Fabulously French What signifies being fabulously French to you? Is it their ability to express themselves freely without a care in the world, their...
  • Frames
    Organized by Coinaphoto.
    Read contest description and competition rules carefully!
    Theme: Frames Framing your photos with a subject adds depth to your work, ensuring that a viewer’s attention lands right on the focal point. Framing with your...
  • Exotic Spain
    Organized by Coinaphoto.
    Read contest description and competition rules carefully!
    Theme: Exotic Spain Spain is one of the first few countries that springs to mind when we think of exotic destinations. While we can’t quite put our finger on...

Active External Contests

Welcome to the "Active External Contests" section of the platform. Here you will find many interesting variety of external contests in which you can participate and win incredible prizes. This is the place where you can post online contests with a purpose, to promote and attract more entrants.

What is the difference between VOUBS and External contests?

The difference between VOUBS contests and external is that the first are created and uploaded by our team or users of the platform using all of its resources and rules.

While the external are created and exist on foreign sites and VOUBS does not guarantee the prize fund and the reliability of the information uploaded by users.

Who are the organizers?

Organizers of external contests can be companies, organizations and individuals from around the world. Any user can share such information freely and completely free of charge here.

Is there any guarantee?

One of our tasks as a mediator in VOUBS contests is to ensure trust and security. We are very vigilant for unfair promoters who publish prizes or promises they cannot fulfill.

At external contests this is very difficult and we cannot guarantee this to our users. The information here is uploaded by our registered users and they bear the full responsibility for its authenticity and correctness.

Of course, if there is a case of incorrect information, it will be removed from the platform and the user will be notified by our administrator.

Who can submit?

External contests can be submitted freely by every registered user.

How you can submit?

If you are a user of the platform and you have found an interesting contest that you want to share with other users. You can submit the information completely free of charge in just a few steps.

If you would like to publish an external contest, in the upper left corner of our homepage, you should click on the "Submit competition" - hosted by others button, then fill in the correct information. And when you're finished filling in the information, you just have to press the green button "Send".

Before the information is visible to users on the website, you must wait for an administrators approval.

Why you should submit here?

This is the place, where to submit your competitions and get participants from all over the world instantly.

Open contests organized around the world and in countries like: USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, Russia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea, Denmark , Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Moldova, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia.

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