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Completed external contests

Welcome to "Completed external contests" section of VOUBS platform. Here you will find content from all external competitions that have already been completed. This is where you can look for popular organizers.

What are these contests?

Here you will find only completed external competitions in which the registration period has long expired. If you would like to sign up for participation, please go to the "Active External Contests" section.

Why they are here?

Each one has a predetermined end date for completion. Once that date coincides with today's day, the contest automatically switches to completed.

What is the benefit?

Completed serve as an archive for users wishing to become more familiar with online competitions around the world. The greatest benefit is for organizers who ensure advertising space and more visibility for their contest. From a consumer point of view, the benefits are not great.

The information is kept for some time in our archive. This enables all interested users to view content from hundreds of completed competitions and certain specific topics.

Looking into completed competitions, you can acquire a lot of valuable information about what is required from you to win.

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Competitions organized around the world and countries such as: USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Singapore, China, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Greece, Moldova, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia.



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