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CLUE – International Lighting Design Competition
Total awards: 8500 $
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Contest info


Hello, there is very interesting third edition of "CLUE" (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) - International lighting design competition. Theme of the contest “One for light, light for all” is open free for participants from around the globe. Join this online competition by clicking the green button "Join" in the top right corner. Submissions should suit the context of a public space (interior or exterior). And must answer a social need, while improving quality of life, and having positive impact on the community. The participants are completely free, to present their inventive lighting solutions. There are no technological or budgetary limitations. Prizes will be awarded by an international jury panel. The jury is composed of professionals in the fields of urban planning and design. First prize of $5000 USD are awarded to the winner. And the total prize fund is $8500 USD. Winning this contest, can give new opportunity’s and amazing cash prizes to the participants. This can be really good start for everybody. The submission is free and winners are awarded with a cash awards. Participate online in international competitions like this, to develop your professional portfolio and win prizes. Since 2004, the CLU Foundation has been holding this international design contest to annually recognizes the best lighting projects, that stand out for their quality of innovation.

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Start date

13 December 2016  -  30 January 2017







Prizes will be awarded on merit by an international jury composed of professionals in the fields of design and urban planning.

The total prize fund is $8,500, of which $5,000 are reserved for the 1st Prize winning project.

General rules


Submitted proposals should suit the context of a public space—interior or exterior—and should answer a social need while improving quality of life and having a positive impact on the community, all through the personalization of lighting.

There are no budgetary or technological limitations, and candidates are given carte blanche to present inventive lighting solutions.

Proposals will be evaluated on relevance and the originality of their approach.

It's free to enter contest.

The CLUE budget has a Travel Stipend to send the 1st prize winner to attend LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) - to be held in Philadelphia PA, USA , May 7– 11, 2017 - in the amount of $2,000.

If the laureate (or if a Team, one person to be selected) is available and able to attend the show they will need to follow the suggested travel reimbursement guidelines where an estimate is required after they have received their prize money.

CLUE will reimburse the winner of these travel costs –Air-fare, lodging and LFI registration - Laureate will then need to submit receipts of these estimated-approved travel expenses in order to be reimbursed. Note that in no manner is CLUE prepaying or making any travel arrangements. The laureate will need to incur these travel costs and then submit for reimbursement after estimate approval.


Age restriction: 14 /

Available for citizens: Worldwide