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Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) 2017
Total awards: 5200 $
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Info & Rules

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Contest info


The "Travel Photographer of the Year 2017 awards" is open for entry. Amateur, semi-pro and professional photographers of all ages, from any part of the world are invited to participate. The entry fee for each portfolio category and "New Talent" is £15 (20 USD). The entry fee for "One Shot" and "Smart Shot" is £8 (10 USD) per entry, and "Young TPOTY" is without tax for entering. This contest is one of the most stringently judged photography awards. Judging takes place over 3 rounds and all judging is completed blind, the judges do not know the identity or nationality of the participants. The selected judging panel is international and includes: photographers, picture editors, editors/publishers, art buyers, curators and other users of the photographic image. This year’s contest categories include:Celebration of Humanity(Portfolio), Earth & Climate (Portfolio), Tales of Adventure(Portfolio), My Camera, My Travels (Young Travel Photographer of the Year), Destination (New Talent), Wildlife, Sealife (One Shot), Food! – Flavours of the World (One Shot), Primary Colours and (One Shot), iTravelled (Smart Shot); Any photographer, aged 19 years and over, from all over the world, can enter the 3 portfolio categories and anyone can enter the 3 Single image "One Shot" categories and the "Smart Shot" category. The "New Talent" and "Young Travel Photographer of the Year" categories are open only to emerging and young photographers.

Number of winners







Start date

5 March 2017  -  25 September 2017







This year’s overall winner will be awarded £4,000 (5200 USD), plus several other non-monetary prizes. Winners will be announced in all other competition categories and different prizes will be awarded.

General rules


Choose the category/categories you wish to enter and are eligible for. You can enter any category more than once except for New Talent. New Talent can be entered only once, but you may also enter any other categories for which you are eligible. By submitting two or more ‘Portfolio’ entries you will automatically be eligible for the top award and title ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’. Read the rules & check your eligibility: The rules contain vital information on eligibility. It's your responsibility to ensure that your images are eligible. Complete an entry form and pay your entry fee: Online submission of images using the online registration acts as your entry form. For postal submission of prints there is a downloadable entry form. Entry fees can be paid by PayPal (PayPal Account/ Credit/ Debit Card accepted) by bank transfer or by cheque in GB £ only. Payment in other currencies cannot be accepted. Only entry to Young TPOTY is free of charge. Make sure you enter before the deadline: Submit your stills image entry online or by post by the closing date of 25th September, 2017.


Age restriction: 19 /

Available for citizens: Worldwide